Recycle My Cashmere Jumper

FREE cashmere fingerless gloves in exchange for your old cashmere jumper...

Do you have a cashmere jumper you no longer wear?  Even if it has the odd moth hole, a mark or has been shrunk in the wash we would love to reuse it!

We only offer this service in exchange for cashmere knitwear which is labelled as 100% cashmere, freshly laundered, reusable and large enough to make two pairs of our Turtle Doves gloves  (minimum 30 cm across the base of jumper if sleeves are intact and minimum 40 cm across base if sleeves are torn/holey or if you are sending a cardigan).

All you need to do is fill in the form below then send your freshly washed jumper to us, along with any requests clearly noted in the package. Please also include a stamped, addressed A5 envelope in your parcel for your gloves to be sent out to you (stamps need to be to the value of a Royal Mail Small Parcel - currently £2.85 Second Class or £3.35 First Class). You can send more then one and we'll return a pair of Turtle Doves gloves for each jumper we can get at least two pairs from.

The address to send them to is: Turtle Doves (Jumper For Gloves), Unit 6, Lancaster Road, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY1 3LG.

Please Note: If you would like the gloves you receive to be made from the jumper you send in to us please make this as clear as possible (ideally a note of the request with your name and contact details safety pinned to the jumper). We are really happy to make gloves out of a much loved jumper and the turnaround on this service is usually 14-21 days.

We don't limit the number of jumpers you can send to us but we only offer the exchange on cashmere knitwear that we can get at least two pairs of our Turtle Doves gloves from. If we can't re-use your jumper we are happy to contact you and arrange its return; please pop in a note to let us know if you would want it back.

When your package arrives at Turtle Doves HQ we'll match up the form with your jumper and pop a lovely pair of cashmere fingerless gloves in the post to you.

Please include a contact telephone number and email address so that we can contact you should we need to; thank you.

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