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Nestled in the heart of Shropshire the Turtle Doves team specialises in turning pre-loved cashmere jumpers into practical and gorgeously soft new accessories for you, your loved ones and your home.

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Care, Repair and Rewear

Care, Repair and Rewear

With sustainability being an increasing concern and fast fashion continually green washing customers about their manufacturing practices. As consumers we're finding ways to make changes to our own wardrobes and habits. 

With a little patience and determination you can learn how to extend the life of your beloved clothes and accessories. Repairing what you already own can be enjoyable and become a meditative and soothing process. The possibilities of mending are endless and it feels particularly rewarding!

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Your chance to win a £100 Turtle Doves Voucher

Your chance to win a £100 Turtle Doves Voucher

It is competition time!

Along with our current Seconds Sale and Make do and Mend customisation packs, we've decided it is time for a creative competition, with the emphasis on presenting your finished project with an imaginative photograph.

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Genuine Sustainability - The Turtle Doves Way

Genuine Sustainability - The Turtle Doves Way

At Turtle Doves, sustainability is what we do, it’s in our company DNA. Our customers love that we upcycle cashmere jumpers but that’s just one element of how we try our best to be kind and respectful to the planet, to our customers, to our employees and self-employed seamstresses and to our local community.


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