Recycled Cashmere and Wool Throws

What is recycled cashmere?

Recycled cashmere is a post-consumer product that has been re-purposed from donated garments that are no longer fit to be resold. This encourages a circular fashion motion which aims to reduce the number of products that are sent to landfill.

We have always been very passionate about caring for the world’s natural resources, so designing new products from waste materials enables us to produce premium cashmere products without impacting heavily on the environment. In turn, this also decreases the ecological consequences of goat farming that are created from grazing on fragile areas of land. Reusing cashmere decreases the demand for new production, protecting the planet and reducing the risk of farming malpractice that sometimes takes place to create a higher yield.

Only the finest quality cashmere is used in our products but it is only natural to have reservations towards the idea of ‘recycled’ goods. But, rest assured knowing we have very strict quality control measures in place to ensure our cashmere is just as durable and soft as new wool.

How is our cashmere sorted and repurposed?

We have refined our cashmere sorting process down to an art after 14 years in the business and our main priority of fibre quality remains at the forefront.

The entire sorting process is done by hand in our local Shrewsbury warehouse where the preloved garments arrive and are first identified as 100% cashmere. From here they are quality inspected, washed in bulk to reduce water consumption and sorted into colours and weights. They are then passed over to a skilled team that carefully deconstructs each garment checking for any holes or stains, and cut using a template into set sizes ready to be re-matched into new products. But here’s the really clever part, inevitably there is some waste from this process due to the offcuts of various seams, pockets and seam allowances from our seamstresses, therefore we decided to put these pieces to good use and find an alternative purpose... introducing our Recycled Throws and Socks!

Red Recycled Cashmere Throw draped over sofa

What is shoddy?

Shoddy is a term used to describe the fibres that have been shredded down from a recycled woollen fabric or yarn. These fibres are similar to the natural state of virgin wool however they do not need to undergo a carding process (a form of wool purifying that removes debris and grease from the fibres) as this will of already taken place for the original item, therefore significantly reducing its carbon footprint. After some light combing to align the fibres they can then be re-spun into yarn ready to be used in a new product.

Utilising recycled wool is important for reducing the need for new raw materials in the textile industry. The development of new technologies means that shoddy wool yarn is becoming more refined and far from inferior.

How are our recycled throws and socks made?

Once our recycled garments have been broken down into shoddy they are then combined with wool and re-spun into yarn. The addition of new British wool adds strength and warmth, whereas the cashmere provides softness and luxury without the added weight forming the perfect partnership. Using this newly created yarn the throws and socks are woven.

Our Recycled Throws are formed in a Herringbone design similar to chevrons, this directional pattern is subtle yet interesting, highlighting the different tones and flecks of colour throughout. Featuring a tassel trim on the shorter lengths, these woolly homewares are perfect for snuggling up on the sofa or draping over your bed for decoration.

Designed in 4 classic colours to complement your home, the shades have been created by a sorting process which takes place in our warehouse. Our offcuts are batched into pinks, reds, blues and greys before being made into shoddy, this variation of colours forms the stunning marl that appears throughout the fabric. Although our socks are knitted in a ribbed design for extra stretch, these flecks are still prominent in the material, so you can see the recycling journey of each sock!

Who is iinouiio?

Iinouiio (an acronym for "it is not over until it is over”) is a Yorkshire-based company that passionately supports and contributes to the textile recycling industry. Promoting a closed-loop system this pioneering business has developed ground-breaking technology that embraces the idea of re-using and recycling fabrics to create a more sustainable future.

Working closely with innouiio we have formed an amazing partnership that has resulted in this fabulous range of products.

Grey recycled throw