Your chance to win a £100 Turtle Doves Voucher

It is competition time!
Along with our current Seconds Sale and Make do and Mend customisation packs, we've decided it is time for a creative competition, with the emphasis on presenting your finished project with an imaginative photograph.

We have a variety of Seconds products which have minimal faults. Anything from our lovely baby booties, headbands, beanies, ankle warmers, wrist warmers or our ever-popular pairs of fingerless gloves. These may be have a small stain, a tiny hole, or the seam didn't withstand our stringent quality checks.

These are easily repairable. You can add our customisation pack of cashmere pieces and include these within your designs. The repairs can be done using a variety of techniques and include materials of your own choice...leaving the imagination with infinite possibilities here!



Make do and Mend 

Steps to enter the competition:

1. Choose an item to mend. You can find our Seconds collection here.
2. Be creative with your project.
3. Take a high quality photograph of your finished piece within any setting (you can ask anyone for help here!)
4. Submit by emailing us the photograph of your finished project to:

Prizes to be won:
1st - £100 Turtle Doves Voucher
2nd - £50 Turtle Doves Voucher
3rd - £30 Turtle Doves Voucher




Hi all,

The deadline for the submission is 30th of June.

We are hoping for great quality images, giving you another opportunity to be creative with the composition!

Yes you can submit a few photos if you wish.
You can also combine Turtle Doves items in one image if you find they compliment each other.

We’re really looking forward to seeing all of the outcomes!
Warm wishes to all :)

This competition is a great idea. I’m sure there will be many wonderful creations!
Just a little question please. Is there a closing date for the competition?
Thank you.

Hi… just a few questions regarding the make do and mend competition.

When is the closing date to submit your photo?

Do I have to buy an item from this batch of make do and mend as I already have a couple of items I have purchased recently from the seconds selection.

Can I submit 2 items in my photo … say a hat and gloves set that compliment each other?

Many thanks

Thank you for creating a recycling for very useful items .
Look forward£ to using them .

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