The Turtle Doves Neckwarmer


Our cashmere neckwarmer is a looped
accessory designed to fit closely to the skin
to prevent heat loss without being restrictive.
The knitted construction of the cashmere
allows for plenty of stretch, making it a
universal size and easy to take on and off
over the head. The neckwarmer is quite
deep and covers from the collarbones to just
under the chin, creating a secure, snuggly
feeling for those chilly excursions! It is
unisex and suitable for anyone.

Sandstorm Neckwarmers


Created using two layers of fabric, this
product has twice the warmth, trapping
heat in between the layers to help keep
you toasty! The clever staggered
patchwork construction also reduces
bulk and adds a unique brickwork
design that is likely to catch the eye of
envious onlookers! Our matchers and
seamstresses carefully craft each item
to ensure the pieces of fabric are
staggered, this allows a natural
distribution of colours throughout the
whole product and enables the wearer
to adjust the colour closest to the face,
flattering individual complexions.

Vineyard Neckwarmer


The Turtle Doves neckwarmer is incredibly
versatile in its design and can be worn in
alternative styles. Due to its supple nature,
it can be folded over to reduce its depth
creating a shallower design that sits lower
down the neck. It can also be used as a
headband/ hood keeping the ears
protected and preventing the hair from
being swept by the wind. The looped style
also means you never have to worry
about it sliding off your neck or getting
caught in the car door!

Avocado Neckwarmers


Like all of our products, the Turtle Doves
neckwarmer is made from 100% recycled
cashmere. Cut from preloved jumpers our
talented team of individuals carefully check
for any holes and stains to ensure only the
best fabric is used in our products.
Although the utmost care will be taken
during the handcrafted process to ensure
the shades match those of the colourway
and complement each other, some shades
may vary slightly due to the recycled
nature of the cashmere.

Kingfisher Neckwarmers