How does keeping your wrists warm help keep your fingers warmer?

We are often told that our fingerless gloves and wrist warmers really help people who suffer with cold hands. At the same time, lots of people ask us how is it possible to have warmer hands when your fingers aren't covered? Well, here's what we know:

It is well known that in hot weather running cold water over your wrists helps to cool you down. Well, the reverse is true too; if you keep your wrists warm then the blood in your hands stays warmer and blood circulation is increased.

Chino Recycled Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

So, keeping the wrists warm, increases the rate of blood flow, in turn keeping your hands warmer. Many of you put your fingerless gloves on first thing in the morning to keep your hands warm throughout the day. We've come up with reasons for you to try our lovingly recycled wrist warmers and fingerless gloves.

  • Keeping the wrists warm keeps your fingers toasty even though they aren't covered.
  • They can help to alleviate the discomfort of Raynaud's, arthritis and other joint, inflammatory and circulatory issues.
  • Add a wonderful touch to colour-coordinate your look.
  • They look and feel great as a glove or a wrist warmer.
  • Recycled and handmade in the UK.
  • They come with their own recycled packaging, so they make a lovely gift.

    Whether you choose to stay cosier with our fingerless gloves or wrist warmers, keeping those wrists covered is what will help. We are also told that it's keeping the wrists covered all day that makes the most difference. If you cover your wrists when you are still warm from bed and keep them cosy all day you'll feel more benefit than wearing gloves, which are often on and off all the time. If you suffer badly with cold hands then wrist warmers and gloves worn together can be a good idea.

    The same is true of your neck and your ankles, and of course your head too. Wherever the blood is closer to the surface of the skin it has the chance to cool, so protecting those areas is key.