How to look after your Turtle Doves cashmere

We are often asked about how to care for cashmere. It is such a lovely, soft fabric and if you google how to look after it the care advice can be a bit daunting; don't be alarmed though; looking after your Turtle Doves purchase is a lot simpler than you may think...

There are three main things to consider when you buy a piece of cashmere, how to wash it; how to store it and general daily care.

How to wash your Turtle Doves cashmere:

The great news is that every piece of cashmere we use has been machine-washed on a short, cold setting by us before it's made into the new item it's going to be so this means that you can feel completely free to do the same; in fact I'd recommend it! Hand-washing can be fine, especially when it's a pair of fingerless gloves, but I find that the larger items wash really well in a machine. It has to be a short, cold machine-wash and although you can buy specialist cashmere washing solution I find that most standard liquid does a great job. We don't recommend using fabric conditioner as it's not necessary and we have found that it can leave a greasy feel behind it (if it works for you it probably does no harm to the fabric though). A standard spin is fine; the better items are spun the quicker they will dry and we recommend to dry flat. We use eco-dryers in the winter; cashmere suffers no ill effect when dried this way (although interestingly we did some tests last year and found that merino wool shrinks when dried on a heat source).

This is personal, and some of you may disagree with me, but  I feel that we wash clothing too much as a nation. If you aren't sure that your item needs a full wash you may find a good airing on the line and a spot wash will do the trick and have your item feeling and looking good to go... less time and less water wasted if that's the case.

How to store your Turtle Doves cashmere:

The more frequently you use your cashmere the less likely it is to be discovered by moths. If you are going to keep it in a drawer or wardrobe for a period of time we'd recommend to store it in an airtight container or bag. There are several products you can buy to dissuade moths from visiting from hormone traps to moth paper (we use moth paper and find it works well). If you are worried that a much loved cashmere piece may have had a moth near it, 48 hours in the freezer will eradicate the problem.

General daily care of cashmere:

Cashmere, like any knitwear, needs a bit of looking after to keep it looking in tip top condition. Cashmere can bobble, some does and some doesn't (I wish I knew the science behind this - can anyone help?) but this can easily be managed. If bobbles start to come I recommend to pick them off gently by hand. You can use a cashmere comb but I think it's easier to be gentle to the cashmere when doing it by hand; the bobbles will stop coming in time. If your cashmere gets creased it is better to steam it than to iron dry it. If you set your iron to steam setting and hang the garment you can steam out the creases with the iron or if your iron doesn't have a steam setting you can iron the wrong side of the item with a cotton cloth between the iron and the garment to achieve a similar effect. 

I hope this has helped; if you have further questions or you think I've missed anything please drop me a line at and I'll be very happy to help.

Thanks for reading and click here if you fancy a browse of our website!

Kate xx


Just wanted to say a big thank you for latest delivery of fingerless gloves, that’s the third pair I’ve purchased this year so a couple of pairs are going to be gifts, hope recipients as happy as myself brilliant quality and delivery service. Thank you .

I agree with you. I think as a nation we wash our clothes too often.

All excellent advice! May I add that I cannot always dry items flat BUT using a sort of “balloon “ hanger allowed me to dry my wonderful jacket hanging – no wrinkles, no distortion!
The other thing about cashmere and wool, as Kate so rightly says, is: do NOT wash the clothes OFTEN! If one looks after the clothes properly when not wearing them it is alright to wash them max twice a year; i have a hand knitted silk/wool waistcoat which gets washed once a year !

Beautiful " Fire Engine Red " fingerless gloves arrived this morning. Thank you so much for matching my colour choice.
1st class service as always. :)

My daughter and her family gave me handwarmers for Christmas. They are wonderful and cosy!! Thank you xx

Thank you for the advice.Very helpful.

Absolutely great advice… every aspect ofcashmere care covered.

Really enjoyed reading this blog the information within was and is invaluable to us cashmere family and I truly thank you for it.
Kindest regards
Elaine xx

I wash mine on the hand wash cycle with hand wash/delicate liquid and they come out a treat. I do use conditioner and I’ve never had a problem, but I’ll try without next time.

Thanks for the great tip about the freezer. It’s a long time since I had a moth problem, but you never know.

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