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Silk Parachute Bag - Golden Summer

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Following the success of the parachute bag launch, our new silk has arrived and we've been able to make multiple bags in similar colourways.  Every bag is still unique and patchworked from several different silk saris but you'll see what you're going to get this time.

As you can tell from the name, this bag isn't just silk, it's lined with fabric that didn't quite meet the stringent technical standard required for making parachutes, so not only is it beautiful and full of colour but it's super-strong too...

In typical Turtle Doves style the bag can be used in different ways and is practical as well as pretty. You can wear it as a shoulder bag, it carries a good amount.  You can also use it as a saddle bag, it's not overly long and is much more convincing carried like this when it's got something in it; it is also best used this way when it's heavy.  By tying knots in the handles just above the body of the bag it is also very practical and cute as a knotted short handbag.  We think that it's a great holiday bag solution!  They are so lightweight that you can easily fold them up small to fit into a pocket for shopping emergencies.

The body of the bag measures approximately 30cm x 45cm and the handle is about 90cm to where it joins bag.

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