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Grey Mix Cashmere Neckwarmer

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These neckwarmers are on our sale page because, although made with love, they are not put together quite as straight as we like them to be. A bit like the 'not perfectly shaped' fruit in the supermarket they are just as good to use as their more precise counterparts but not quite as pretty. If you're not too worried about that and fancy making a saving then they're just the thing for you. An elegant and easy to wear colourway in soft greys, this neckwarmer (formally known as a 'snoodette') can be worn round your neck for all-day cosiness or folded in half as a headband; it'll keep you warm either way. They're the perfect size to wear if you're out walking or cycling in chilly weather and are great for winter sports like skiing or snowboarding. They are also unisex so a great gift for a gent too and for children they are a good alternative to a scarf as they are really cosy and don't fall off! Every neckwarmer is made from different recycled cashmere jumpers so, although they are made in colour themes, each one is unique. Approximate size 26 x 18cm. All our cashmere products are machine washable on a cold setting.

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