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This lovely wrap is based around some beautiful paisley patterned pieces in a mix of greens with light blues and browns - we've followed the colour theme, adding some cable pieces for texture and a hint of lime for a bit of added 'zing'; we don't often find such lovely greens so this one-off wrap is a really special one. Our wraps are all unique and every one is a limited edition piece, ideal for a bit of warmth throughout the year - think of it as a patchwork pashmina that you can wear as a summer shawl or a winter scarf.  It is patchworked together in pure cashmere and from the careful laying out of the pieces to the final steam each one is made with great care. One side is a flat patchwork of colours and on the other in the centre you can see the carefully chosen over-locking thread while around the edge the cashmere is folded over giving a nice drape and smart finish.

The wrap measures approximately 60cm x 200cm and the fingerless gloves measure 25cm with a circumference of approximately 16cm.  Both are machine washable on a cold and gentle setting. It is best to dry them flat.

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