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Neutral Stripe Cashmere Wrap

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Our neutral monochrome stripe mix is our fastest selling wrap; we don't get many striped cashmere jumpers so we're always excited when we have enough to make one.  Predominantly in blacks, greys and soft beige with the occasional touch of colour (perhaps a pale blue or light brown - nothing highly coloured) each one is unique. Our cashmere wrap is ideal for a bit of warmth throughout the year - think of it as a patchwork pashmina that you can wear as a summer shawl or a winter scarf.  It is patchworked together in pure cashmere and from the careful laying out of the pieces to the final steam it is made with great care.  One side is a flat patchwork of colours and on the other you can see the carefully chosen over-locking thread.  Each scarf measures approximately 175-180cm x 56cm and is machine washable on a cold and gentle setting.  It is best to dry it flat.

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