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If you love getting creative and would like to play with some cashmere and buttons you are in the right place!  

This little box of delights  comes stuffed full of pieces of cashmere in a rainbow of colours along with  3 strings of buttons and 4 brooch backs (needles and thread are not included).

Cashmere is great for brooch making as it's light and easy to sew. We have made some examples of the sort of things you can  create but the list is endless and we're really excited to see what you come up with. If you're looking for inspiration  we've written  a blog here with some ideas in it.

The pieces of cashmere will be in varying colours and sizes  (the pieces  will average 20cm width). This brooch crafter's box measures 22cm x 16cm x 8cm.

If you order this along with other items it will come in a different size box but will be the same volume of goodies.

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