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Carnival Silk Reversible Poncho

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This reversible poncho is made from two different saris which have been carefully chosen to complement each other in colour and weight.  The design is asymmetrical and a short summery length - great over a vest top for modesty but nice dressed up too.  You can also wear the poncho as a neck or head scarf and they are really light and small when folded so great for holidays. The slouch neckline can be arranged to show some of the inside colour if desired.  

Each one is unique and you may find some gold edging in yours or a pretty decorative panel not shown in the picture but they are all in the theme of the photograph shown.  Our Carnival silk reversible ponchos all have one lovely yellow patterned side and one side red with a floral design. 

The poncho measures approximately 50-52 by 67cm when laid flat.  All our silk is machine washable on a cold, gentle setting.  It is best to dry the silk flat and in the shade and not to use steam when you iron it.

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