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The production of virgin wool yarn after shearing requires a lot of energy, water and chemicals to turn the shorn fleece into the clean, dyed fibre you see in your favourite woolly jumper.

Our recycled wool, of course, doesn't require any of this! Producing recycled wool is a low impact process. The wool to be recycled is turned back into yarn, sorted into colours and the dyeing process is completely removed.

Recycled wool is one of the world's greatest fabrics. It's great for the environment. It's also soft, durable, naturally breathable, naturally stain resistant and easy to care for. Just like virgin wool. So why wouldn't we use it?

These beautiful 100% luxury wool throws are woven using 80% recycled woollen jumpers and 20% new wool fibres in Huddersfield, the heart of the British textile industry. They are woven in a Herringbone design and due to the many colours it has a Tweed like appearance. 

Created on age-old looms by Yorkshire craftsmen and women., we are proud to be supporting this traditional workmanship. Our throws are perfect for snuggling on your sofa or as a picnic companion. They are machine washable on a cold wash and we recommend drying on the line.

We love the quality finish and weight of these gorgeous throws and know you will too.

Approx measurements 165cm x 155cm not including tassels.

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