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We started wholesaling our cashmere products in January 2013 and can now be found in over 170 shops around the UK. We’ve had a great response from the shops who do stock our products.

Here are a few testimonials:

“Turtle Doves have been an excellent addition to our product range. It’s a joy to find a product that is ecological, practical and good value. The customers love the fact that they are recycled and handmade, which makes each pair unique. Doing business with Turtle Doves has been straightforward and fun. Kate has always been extremely efficient and always accommodated our needs. We look forward to more success with Turtle Doves in 2014.” - Will Lane, Shoegarden, Cambridge

“Turtle Doves Cashmere fingerless mittens were my find of the year. I know this because I’ve had to re-order every week since finding them. We Love Turtle Doves!” - Vicki Luther, Luther & Co, Conwy

“What an amazing product! As someone who has suffered from chilblains in the past, my Turtle Doves have made all the difference this winter! My snood and my gloves have to be wrestled off me so they can be machine washed…and as soon as they’re dry enough, they’re back on again…Recycled cashmere, made in England, what could be better! Our best selling line this Christmas..excellent service, and super quick delivery…a big Thank You to all at Turtle Doves!” - Kate, Urban Rustics, Devizes

If you like what we do and think that your customers will too you can find out more about selling our lovely ethical & sustainable cashmere products by emailing Kate at

If you’d rather telephone we’d be really happy to chat; Kate’s number is 01743 231155.

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