Gloves for Doves

Help Turtle Doves help the RSPB to help turtle doves...

You can help this campaign by donating your pre-loved unwanted 100% cashmere knit sweaters or cardigans for us to give them a new lease of life and turn into fantastic recycled accessories (as modelled by some of the team below).

Turtle Doves Recycled Cashmere

For every one we receive, we'll donate £5 to the RSPB to help the conservation of the turtle dove. 

We'll also sweeten the deal for you by sending you a voucher giving £5 off every product in our RSPB collection. It is valid for one order but on as many products as you like as a thank you for your support.

Some shrinkage, elbow holes or a few moth holes isn't a problem; we'll use what's good and recycle the rest...we just ask that the jumper is washed before it's sent to us (a cold machine wash is fine).

Here's a bit about turtle doves and why they need our help: Turtle doves are dainty, blackbird-sized doves with a lovely “turrrturrr-ing” call from which they get their name. In late summer they migrate from the UK through Europe to their wintering grounds in West Africa, typically returning to the UK to breed in April or May. Sadly we’ve lost 97% of our turtle doves since 1970 and now they are mostly found only in the east and south east of England. There are several factors linked to their decline. These include the loss of suitable habitat and lack of food (seeds) in both the breeding and wintering grounds, unsustainable levels of hunting on migration, and disease. The Operation Turtle Dove partnership are working hard to understand these threats so that we can save these fantastic birds. Find out more about this work, where you can see the birds and how you can help turtle doves: Operation Turtle Dove.

If you'd like to donate a jumper, the process goes like this:

  1. Click the button below to get started
  2. Select how many garments you want to send us (we'll donate £5 for each one)
  3. You can then enter your name and email address and click continue
  4. We'll send you to a page where you can print out a label to send us the jumper. 
  5. We'll email you confirmation, and a £5 voucher for you to use
  6. You package up the jumper and post it to us, using the address label
  7. When we receive the jumper we'll donate £5 to the RSPB to support their conservation of turtle doves

Click below to donate your jumper 

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