Recycle My Cashmere Jumper

There are two ways we can recycle your jumper...

Do you have cashmere you no longer wear? We would love to reuse it!

It doesn't even have to be a jumper, we have recycled 100% cashmere knits of all types including cardigans.

Firstly, we can swap your garment for a pair of gloves and you only pay the postage...

We only offer this service in exchange for cashmere knitwear which is labelled as 100% cashmere, freshly laundered, reusable and large enough to make two pairs of our Turtle Doves gloves.

  • Minimum 40 cm across the base of jumper. 

We charge £5.00 for every jumper sent in. This is a processing fee. 

Click here or on the picture below to arrange to send your jumper to us.

Please Note: We only offer this exchange on cashmere knitwear that we can get at least two pairs of our Turtle Doves gloves from. If we can't re-use your jumper we are happy to contact you and arrange its return; please pop in a note to let us know if you would want it back. This offer is for private use only and the gloves we send out are not for resale. Should we find our gloves offered for resale we reserve the right to cancel any order. 

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