New Squoval Shoulder Bag

This is the last of our current collection of Squoval Bags. We are working on a new collection but if you like any of these fabrics don't delay as there won't be any more in these fabrics this year.

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About the bag: This new shoulder bag design has a single handle and is lined with parachute fabric, it has two inside pockets and a hidden zip so it's secure and smart. The bags are not structured, rather they are a light and soft design which have a nice squishy feel. We brainstormed our handbag essentials list and designed it to hold a purse, a phone, some tissues, a lippy, a water bottle (Ellie's idea - she's so healthy), a book, a pen...and your trusty pair of Turtle Doves gloves. There's room for a little more just in case and it's super-comfy on the shoulder. There's a blog about how the bag came about, click here to read it.

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