Cashmere Ponchos

If you are a poncho lover you'll enjoy being snuggled up in one of our poncho styles. The classic poncho design is larger than the 'Petite' poncho but both are a one size cover-up with a slouch neck whereas the 'Summer' poncho design has a rounded neckline. Patchworked together from carefully selected pieces of cashmere each one is unique and they are all something a bit special. They are a simple, neat, one size design and great as an extra layer over a vest top or t-shirt on breezy summer days but teamed up with one of our neckwarmers will get you right through to winter coat weather. Prices vary slightly by colour as we get lots of cashmere in some colours but others are more scarce and we have to save up to make them. Our collection of colours goes from feminine pastels through to monochrome... and you can have your poncho made to order in your own choice of colours too so there's something here for everyone. 

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