Cashmere Bed Socks

Last year we launched our Wonderfully Odd bed socks and you really loved them! So much so we just couldn't make enough of them to keep up, which meant many of our lovely customers were still suffering with cold toes at bedtime.

After much thought we found that a small change in design made all the difference and allowed us to make more socks from our left over jumper tops. This made us happy and hopefully will help put an end to chilly toes when the sun goes down.

They will not withstand walking around in and definitely shouldn't be worn in boots or other footwear, as tempting as that might be.

There are 6 different colourways to choose from and we've added a lucky dip selection (which are made in a never-ending mix of colours so will be a delightful surprise).

The socks are patchworked in colour themes but are actually odd so they look good together but don't match each other (we are firmly of the belief that life is too short for matching bed socks and also this helps us to use the cashmere we have in a more sustainable way). They measure approximately 40cm in length, with the foot part being about 20cm, and 10cm across when laid flat. They are one size, with no built-in heel, but if you have a particularly large or small foot it's worth mentioning it in the order notes section of the order. As with our lovely gloves we'll always try to choose a pair which will fit well. 

 All our cashmere products are machine washable on a cold setting.

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