Where in the world has your Turtle Doves cashmere been?!

Hi all! It’s quite warm in the studio today and I’m trying to provide motivation for the team while we miss out on the sun... perhaps you can help?

Through the years we've had the chance to imagine our products in some pretty far-flung places. From Turtle Doves gloves going on holiday in the Norwegian Fjords to ponchos on Australian winter breaks. We've shipped gifts to grandmothers in Azerbaijan and to loved ones in Archangel. Now that holiday time is approaching we'd love to find out where our cashmere might be going soon (and hear about places it's been before).

Whether you’ve invested in one of our Sale items for a holiday you’re looking forward to or have holidayed with our cashmere as a travel companion before we’d love to hear about it.

If you are on Facebook click here to comment and drop a picture (we’d really love that!) and I can share it with the team. If you 're not on Facebook you can reply to this post and we can enjoy your holiday stories that way.

We’ll look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much, Kate xx 

Ps. if you fancy a browse of our Sale click here.


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