Team lockdown and the busy bees...

The last three weeks have been very strange for everyone; we hope that things are going as well as possible for you. We've been thinking about all our friends and thought we'd update you on the news from TD HQ. The picture above wasn't taken very long ago but I'm already looking at it wistfully.

We were social distancing and packing in family groups that day. We felt sure that a stricter response to coronavirus was coming and decided to get as many parcels out as we could before the situation changed. That night we packed orders until 11pm and since then outside our family groups we've only seen each other on a screen. 

There are lots of people with special talents on our team but in this blog Nettie gets a big shout-out. As head of production Nettie, among other jobs, spends loads of time managing the washing, cutting & sewing team and the flow of second-hand cahmere jumpers through it. Around Christmas, for some reason, Nettie started to squirrel away some gloves 'blanks' (unmade gloves) for a rainy day. Clearly she had no idea what was coming but by the time we all realised that we were going to have to work from home wherever possible we had enough work to give all our outworkers 3-4 weeks of production without breaking a sweat. It made us feel so lucky to have plenty of work to give out to people and knowing that everyone who can is sewing away and still earning is a great feeling.

So, we are still a team of busy bees. Two of our fab customer service team, Jo & Mel, are working from home; all of our outworkers are too and in the studio there's me, Albany & Emily (two of our daughters, living in same house) packing orders. There's also Emma & Graham deftly juggling figures to make sure that we can all keep doing this for as long as necessary.

None of the above would be possible without our amazing customers though. We are so grateful for the support we have. Many of you have sent gloves or other gifts to loved ones to comfort them and keep them warm and so many of the notes on orders have contained messages of cheer for us too. These messages have come via social media as well and they are all appreciated - it's making a huge difference at a challenging time.

Thank you and stay well.

Kate and the TD Team

Ps. We're trialing an idea to ship gloves from home. Click here to see a limited freepost offer we've made to test the new system.


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