Random Acts of Kindness - Do one today!

It’s today! National Random Act of Kindness day... A kind gesture, whether a smile, a compliment, a bit of extra help or an unexpected gift could be the thing that makes the world of difference to the recipient in that moment...

As Aesop said in The Fable of the Lion and the Mouse, 'No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted'.Whether or not you joined in with our random act of kindness offer (read this blog to find out we did) there’s plenty of room for kindness in the world and today is a great day to join in.

I like to think of an act of kindness as a pebble being thrown into a pond, The ripples go much further than you think they will and your one simple act of random kindness can end up affecting people that you’ve never even met.

We'd love to hear your Random Acts of Kindness on social media; all ideas and inspiration gratefully received!

So, whatever you do today I hope that people are kind to you and that it’s a day with lots of smiles in it.

Love Kate xx

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