Our Seconds SALE... and why we don't believe in waste...

This unseasonably warm weather has set us to spring cleaning at the studio and has given us an idea too. We have a stringent quality control process and every week there are some products which don't make it over the bar; that got us thinking...

You may have read in the press over the last year that some businesses have destroyed old or damaged stock rather than let it out of their doors. At Turtle Doves we're all about avoiding waste (being a zero waste company) and would not consider destroying something that could be useful, even if it is not first quality.

It's a bit of a risk though, isn't it? We are torn between wanting to avoid waste and keeping up the good name of our little business (especially as far as quality standards go!). Please know that we are offering these items in the knowledge that they aren't perfect and are keen that they find a useful home in spite of their imperfections.

So, we are offering these seconds gloves and neckwarmer sets as cheaply as we can in the hope that everyone who buys them understands that we know they are a bit like the 'ugly fruit' in the supermarket; not perfect but still completely usable.

So, if you're looking for pairs of gloves or a neckwarmer to do gardening or other practical and slightly messier daily tasks like winter dog walking, then click on the pictures below to purchase.

SECONDS - Neckwarmer and Turtle Doves set

There isn't a colour choice but the price reflects that. The sets are priced at £20; this offer is limited to 3 purchases per person and the products are not for re-sale - thank you for respecting this.

I hope that this offer is taken in the spirit it's made - minimising waste to a practical end.

Thank you for reading.

Warm wishes, Kate and the team.


I learned about Turtle Doves last night; I was trying to play with frozen fingers to accompany a community choir in a very cold church (heating switched off since it is ‘Summer’); one of the basses lent me his fingerless recycled cashmere gloves bought from you – what bliss! They do not impede my playing and I love recycling.

Are the gloves one size? Thanks

A great idea.
Do you still take in Cashmere which we are finished with, in exchange for a product ??

Over a few years I have purchased several pairs of fingerless gloves and an ankle warmer, I am absolutely thrilled with each one of my purchases and over time I will buy more. Reading that TD are selling seconds very successfully is such good news. I make items like pillow case covers and cushions out of scraps fabric – we seriously need to consider the well being of our planet and reduce waste to almost nothing. Working Together!

Please let me know when your’not quite perfect’ fingerless gloves are available again please.
Thank you. Jenny.

I received my ‘seconds’ neck warmer and fingerless gloves last week, and I am delighted with the quality and choice of colour. I would have probably ordered this beige/black combo. Thanks Turtle Doves – brilliant service.

Thank you for your kind comments! The imperfections are holes, snags and marks and there are pictures of the sort of thing we mean on the product pages. They sold out so fast; I’m in shock. We will have more as it’s the nature of what we do and it’s great to know that people don’t think it’s a bad idea to get them into use. Thanks again! Kate xx

Brilliant idea!
I’m all for cutting down on waste. Their slight imperfections just give them character
Well done Kate and the TD team x

Please may I ask what the inperfections are, how bad and if noticeable? Brilliant idea

I love the thought process behind your seconds, just wonderful x

Good idea!…. in fact FANTASTIC idea! My pigeons and doves won’t care if I wear ‘seconds’ when I go out to feed them in the winter!

How wonderful, I love a bargain and know I won t be disappointed 😔. And what a good idea, very ethical as well. What s perfect anyway

I have just ordered some seconds They sound perfect for my gardening and fishing. It means i can keep my perfect ones looking tiptop. Thank you for selling them.

What type of thing makes them seconds please?

I think it is a brilliant idea. I am all for no waste.

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