How Does Your Skin Tone Affect Your Wardrobe?

To wear colours really well it helps to know your skin tone so this is something we've been looking into. We've been matching colours for years now and everyone at Turtle Doves enjoys the never-ending array of colours we have coming through our doors...

When I decided to start looking into how your skin tone can affect the colour you choose to wear I didn't even know how to find out your skin tone. It turns out that it's really easy...all you need is daylight, a mirror and a sheet of white paper!

Here's a short video I've made about how to find out your skin tone and what to wear once you know what it is:

There are three skin tones, warm, cool and neutral...we've made a collection for each so that you can see the sort of colours which will flatter you best.

Click here to see our Warm Skin Tone Collection

Click here to see our Cool Skin Tone Collection

Click here to see our Neutral Skin Tone Collection

We also offer a Made to Order Collection so if you already know your colours and would like us to make something especially for you we'd be very happy to do it.

Thanks for reading and have fun playing with colour.

Warm wishes, Kate

Kate Holbrook

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