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UPDATE: The gloves we had have sold out but we have other seconds 'Make do and mend' goodies available here. There's some great mending inspiration below which can be applied to any of the products available. This blog was originally written about the gloves but I've updated it to cover the neckwarmers, wrist warmers and other seconds now available. Thanks for looking, Kate xx

As a business which specialises in recycling post consumer waste we have always been challenged by the items which fail our stringent quality checks. It is natural, when you reuse discarded items, that there are inherent faults and they do sometimes slip by our diligent cutters and machinists. Of course these people are still paid for their work and when the fault is picked up in QC we put the item by and get our thinking caps on. Last year we sold the gloves in multi packs but this year, due to COVID-19 we are having to do things a different way and we have come up with a new seconds collection which involves a bit more creativity...

Each pack item has a fault but also comes with a piece of cashmere to make patches from so that it can be mended creatively. Nettie, our Production Manager, who is stuck at home - as so many are - came up with some ideas and at the bottom of this post I'm adding pictures of amazing and imaginative mends done by our lovely customers.

Here's Nettie's 'lockdown make do and mend' blog:

Like people around the world, my lifestyle has dramatically changed after receiving the government’s lock down message. I, like so many others, find myself confined, either working from home or in self isolation. It’s been challenging. It’s incredibly hard when you cannot give your loved ones a hug and you are unable to visit elderly relatives. Thank goodness for social media. It’s also tricky to keep children and teenagers happy and productive whilst the schools are closed. There is only so much home schooling a girl or her mum can take! So when the postman delivered our box of seconds to mend from Kate we were super excited. In our box we found super cosy Turtle Doves gloves (other seconds are now available including neckwarmers and wriat warmers), a complementary coloured cashmere scrap and buttons to help inspire our creativity. After what turned into a mammoth search for sewing needles (they had definitely been seen somewhere in the conservatory circa 2015) we started our own sewing bee make do and mend project on the kitchen table.


We used my old sewing machine to fix the hot pink pair, stitching a heart over the stain using the basic straight stitch and then trimming to neaten.

For the others we used our limited hand stitching skills, we incorporated buttons and cut out little cashmere hearts which we stitched on using coloured thread in a basic running stitch but a more experienced seamstress might try a blanket stitch.

Alys made a flower shape with buttons to cover a hole just stitching them randomly on. 

We even had a go at covering a small hole with a pretty little rainbow, again just using a basic running stitch.

In the end we were pleased with our attempts. We felt that with a bit of extra love even the seconds gloves could be made beautifully unique and perfect for keeping you cosy. Afterwards we took a few photos so we could share our afternoon with you, (Alys it turns out is an infinitely better hand model than me). So, if you’re looking for a little creative distraction for yourself or a loved one, why not give it a go? Love Nettie & Alys x

We hope that this gives you a bit of inspiration (this collection once repaired will be great for dog walking, gardening or everyday cosiness) and that you enjoy giving them a new lease of life or sending them to a loved one who might enjoy a gentle challenge.

Click here to buy a pair if you are keen to get sewing. For inspiration scroll down!

Warmest wishes, Kate and the TD team xx





What a brilliant idea, ordered my make and mend, very happy with the colour, pale blue with purple off cut. Really looking forward to being creative.

Ordered these as I felt a bargain and would be special to me with the bits added. They did take a while to come but that’s was due to these difficult times. Thank you all again.xx

I’ve just received mine and am thrilled with the lovely colours of the gloves and the contrasting patch pieces. The flaws on the gloves are very small and they could be worn as they are but I look forward to getting creative with the patches and buttons. Thank you Turtle Doves! 😘

Absolutely thrilled with mine, perfect colour, such a brilliant idea. Thanks so much

I have just ordered a pair of make and mend could I request a large pair if it’s not to late thanks

Such a wonderful idea. Have ordered some to mend and pretty up to give to elderly friends who suffer from painful arthritis in their hands and fingers to provide some comfort.
Have bought quite a few as gifts for my girls and granddaughters in gorgeous colours.
Kate and the team pack gifts for birthdays beautifully.

I ordered two pairs of make do and mend a little while ago and haven’t received them yet. This may well be because of the present circumstances, but would just like to check that you had my order. I paid by PayPal. I have ordered many gloves from you in the past, and it says there is no account in my name. Stay safe everyone. Gill

Awesome idea, can’t wait for mine to arrive !

Great idea! I may also try this on my old, favourite, ones which went into holes from my wearing them so much last year!

This is a fantastic idea! I am so excited about making these gloves. I tell my friends how much wear I get out of them all Winter. I always have a pair in my handbag. Thank you Kate and your team. 💖

Hi. What a fabulous idea. A great way to get creative & keep us busy. Such a lovely company.

Brilliant ideas… so simple yet so very effective !!! Well done Kate and the TEAM.. love your stuff xx

What a great idea! I love the way so many people are thinking creatively and trying new things in this incredibly difficult time.

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