Calling all crafters!

If you love to get creative with beautiful fabrics we may have just the thing for you! Over the years we have spent lots of our spare time enjoying making things from odd bits and pieces and it struck us that you might be keen to have a go too. So, we've put together some boxes of cashmere, velvet and buttons...

I'm about to share a few fairly old pictures with you to show you some of the things we've made through the years. Please excuse the photography. I'm sincerely hoping that, if you enjoy the contents of these boxes, some of you might be inspired to share your creations so that I can showcase them here.


Each box will contain lots of cashmere pieces in a varied array of colours, some buttons from cardigans we've recycled and a piece of velvet too.

The crafter's boxes start at £15.00 plus £3 postage; click here to order and get crafting as soon as possible.

If you've items that you would like to share with us please email them to and we'll be delighted to add them to this gallery.

Thanks for reading, Kate and the Team xx



My nieces bought me this to help me ride out the Corona virus – so touched and researching ideas!!

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