A Peek Inside Turtle Doves HQ...We've Been Making Videos.

We've been busy making videos with the wonderful Eddy Wilde and would love to know what you think of them. This week we managed to make 3, one about re-use, one about our baby booties and one about our design process.

The reuse video looks at our approach to recycling and gives you a view of how and where our products are made:

The baby booties video is an insight into our cutest product:

Our design process is described in the following short video:

We'll be working on more videos next week so if you have any ideas of other parts of the Turtle Doves operation that you'd like to see more of we'd love to hear.

Thanks for watching!

Kate and the team



Kate Holbrook


Kate Holbrook

Hi, a friend has told me I can send you a sweater and you’ll make it into snuggly wrist warmers, please will you let me know how I go about doing this? ?

Kate Holbrook

I am so happy to have gloves made from my favorite sweater. Thank you so much. They are great and I love the little heart detail. Whoever did them left me a little note and I appreciate her effort…..they are perfect :))

Kate Holbrook

Can I send you a jumper that I don’t wear any longer?

Kate Holbrook

Thank you for a peek into what goes on in the making of all your beautiful products. The clips you have shared prove what a perfect team you all are and make the soft, warm world of recycled cashmere even lovelier :-)

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