What would you make? The Customisation Pack launch...

One of our company mottos is 'necessity is the mother of invention' and many of our products seem to arrive with us in unexpected ways. This all started when we were thinking about the effect lockdown was having, especially with regard to some having more time than usual. We honestly didn't know how this new idea would be received and I have to admit to being a bit nervous... but boy, did those who joined in show us what they thought of it...

The customisation idea came as we looked at our seconds pile and wondered what we could do to make the items good to wear. There was no way that we were going to have time to mend every one (especially with a limited team because of the precautions we were taking to keep everyone well). Then it struck us; what if the mending was part of the fun of the product?! So, we got thinking and before we knew it we were ready to share our Make do and Mend Gloves. The response to them was incredible. From first time stitchers to accomplished embroiderers the Turtle Doves community threw themselves into the protect and started sharing the most amazing mends with us. Here are a few examples:

This showed us very clearly that we weren't alone in enjoying the craft aspect of what we do and lots of people contacted us asking for more cashmere for other projects. 

We are honestly so excited about this. It is lovely to think that we might have a hand in making things last longer (especially if that means that they will be softer and more colourful too!).

Our Make do and Mend collection flew out but it is the nature of our business to have seconds so they will be back from time to time. Click here to see if there are any in stock at the moment. We now have a new pack to offer and this time with instructions... click here to see our Brooch Pack No.1.

If you have any 'makes' you'd like to share we'd love to see them; sharing via social media is often easiest and the links can be  found in header of our website on PC or the footer if you're on mobile. If you post pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter it would be great if you could use the hashtags #dovelife and #makedoandmend. If you're not on social media feel free to email us at kate@turtle-doves.co.uk if you are happy for us to share your creativity.

Thanks for reading and happy sewing! 

Kate and the TD Team xx


Hi all, if you are looking into using our customisation packs, you can find them in the link below :


Warm wishes, TD Team

These make do & mend packs sound a great idea . I have a much love dark red cashmere jumper which I can only wear at home or visiting close family as has been badly damaged by moths! Some colourful patches would be great fun!

I love it
A very good idea 💡

Hi I received the make do and mend I loved it .I customised the neck warmer .Loved being able to pick how to do it .

I just received a make do and mend kit as a lovely gift from my daughter during the lockdown. I added a some hearts and buttons to the beautiful scarf and really love it. Have already worn it and it’s really soft and warm. When available again, I would like to send in a cashmere jumper to exchange for fingerless gloves. I think this is such a good idea. Thanks.

Hi Kate and the Turtle Doves
So great to hear you are still managing to keep working productively and safely.
I went to your website to check you were still operating as for some reason your emails have stopped appearing in my mail box?
I am already signed up as a friend so I am not sure what has happened?
Could I go back on your mailing list or do I need to rejoin as a friend?
Looking forward to hearing from the team again
Keep safe everyone.
Bev Butler.

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