Wearing your heart on your label and a fun 'Haulternative' challenge

It is now 5 years since the Rana Plaza factory disaster when 1,138 factory workers died. In that time a movement has grown of millions of people who, inspired by this terrible tragedy, are demanding transparency and choice in the clothing industry. After all, given the choice wouldn't we all rather buy from people who care for their teams? And helping spread the word can be fun too...

There are lots of ways that each one of us can help to understand the issues and spread the word; you can see them all here.

However, the one I'm most excited about is a fun video challenge called 'Haulternative'. It is all about using garments which aren't new, in imaginative ways rather than buying more clothes. This is something that the Turtle Doves team live for and I'm excited to rise to the challenge. From looking at your wardrobe with new eyes, to charity shop dipping and swapping with friends there are loads of ways you can enjoy your sense of style without buying new. Haulternative is a bit of fun designed to be shared on social media and it's easy to join in...here's my video and some easy to follow instructions if you'd like to have a go:

It is easy to make your own video when you follow the instructions below but if it's not for you please pass the challenge on to someone who you think may enjoy it...

1) Introduce 'Fashion Revolution, give a couple of facts about the fashion industry from the link here (or copy mine) and explain what an 'Haulternative' is.

2) Post your video on your chosen social media channel and upload it to Youtube with 'Fashion Revolution' and 'www.fashionrevolution.org' in the title.

3) Share it, and other Haulternatives you come across and tell your friends to join it too :)

By doing your bit to spread the word you are helping to bring about much needed changes across the fashion industry. Knowing more about how our clothes are made, and by whom, helps us all to make good choices and support the brands who are doing the right thing.

You can read  more about the impact that Fashion Revolution is having here: Fashion Revolution.

To read more about clothing manufactured in the UK have a look at Make it British Live and to see a selection of our recycled cashmere products click here

Thanks for reading this. Please share it if you have friends or colleagues who you think might be interested.

Warm wishes, Kate

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