Wearing Red On International Women's Day (and a coincidence)

International Women's Day started bright and early in Shrewsbury as I got up to make breakfast for the girls before school and be in work ready for another busy day.

I was already quite excited because Kate Hills, the inspiring founder of Make it British, had emailed the night before asking for a quote about women in UK factories so I knew that we might be getting a bit of coverage for our little business and our fab team (click here to read the piece she published).

International Women's Day's mission statement is:

For International Women's Day 2017, we're asking you to #BeBoldForChange
Call on the masses or call on yourself to help forge a better working world
- a more inclusive, gender equal world.

In our everyday life there are plenty of opportunities to empower people to work positively together to make life better for everyone. The International Women's Day website is packed with resources and ideas for positive change; click here to read more and join in.

So, on to the coincidence, one of the jobs on my list was to continue researching colours for some newsletters I'm writing and today was my day for researching the colour red. I wear a lot of red so it wasn't really notable that today I happened to be wearing a red skirt and a cashmere snood to match. 

I got on with my day and duly sent my newsletter along with an offer on red fingerless gloves as we happen to have more than usual in stock at the moment.

Having sent the email out to people who I thought might be interested in the colour red we very quickly heard back from Kathy with a suggestion...

Hi, Kate,

I am delighted you featured all your glorious red things today, on "Wear Red for Women" day, when women all over the country (and the world) are wearing red to honour International Women's Day. I just wish you'd mentioned it in your email. I think you, as a woman who has started such a wonderful business, are an exemplar of empowerment. I am sorry you missed the opportunity to celebrate that fact.


Well, a big thank you to Kathy, I wish I'd known and feel a bit silly for not having heard about this expression of camaraderie...it did tie in rather nicely with the theme of the day it turns out.

So, I've popped a note into my diary to make sure that this time next year I am correctly attired for the occasion.

Below are our red fingerless gloves (on special offer this week) and under the photo is the bit of information I popped into the newsletter Kathy responded to.

Thanks for reading and hope you've had a wonderful day!


Red is a wonderfully characterful color and is great for accessories because it can be really effective in small quantities.

The spectrum of shades of red is quite broad, from pillar box to raspberry tones, red is seen as a fun, positive and energetic colour. It is a colour which is linked to excitement and passion and adding even a touch of it to an outfit can make a big difference to your look.

As you can see in the picture at the top of the page I don't always only add 'a little' bit to an outfit!  Often you'll see me in a relatively neutral dress and boots with a pair of bright red Turtle Doves (there's a special price on those today by the way!) to pep the look up. Gloves aren't the only way to brighten your day though, neckwarmers, snoods and scarves can add a touch of cheer too. Red combines really well with classics like blue, brown, cream and grey but my very favourite way to wear it is with bright pinks like in our Hot Red and Pink Wrap!

We have made a collection on the website for those who love a bit of red and you can see everything we have in stock here - also our red fingerless gloves are on offer today so don't delay if you fancy adding a pair to your wardrobe! 


Soon as I sent that rather snarky email quoted in the text, I regretted it. I have been an enthusiastic buyer for several years now, and partly started buying because I was so impressed by Kate’s creativity and hard work at making her business a success. She is the embodiment of an empowered woman! It felt rather mean spirited of me to complain just because she hadn’t celebrated International Women’s Day the way I wanted. How gracious (and thrilling!) that she not only replied right away, but in such a thoughtful way. Hooray! And, after all, who couldn’t use a shot of red cashmere in their life?

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