Turtle Doves Fingerless Gloves and Raynauds Syndrome... how do they help keep fingers warm?

February is Raynaud's Awareness Month so I thought I'd share what we've learned in the last 10 years...I first heard of Raynaud's in 2010 when a lady came to our stall at The Blackberry Fair in Whitchurch, Shropshire. I already knew from experience that keeping the wrists warm helped to keep the hands warmer (it's not a new discovery, it turns out that people have known this for centuries) but I was quite surprised when she returned to the stall about 2 hours after having purchased a pair and bought 3 more! She told me that she suffered from Raynaud's Syndrome and that the fingerless gloves has made a real difference so she was going to wear them all the time.

What is Raynaud's Syndrome?

I have taken the following from a blog about Raynaud's by Georgie as I don't think I can improve on the description: 

'Raynaud’s disease (pronounced as ‘ray-nose’) is where the small blood vessels in the extremities such as hands and feet, fingers or toes are over-sensitive to even the slightest changes in temperature, the cold and sometimes stress. This causes a Raynaud’s attack where the fingers sometimes change colour, but not always, from white, to blue, to red. Raynaud’s phenomenon is a common condition thought to affect up to ten million people in the UK.

For some people, it is no more than a nuisance and can be very mild, but it can also be much more severe, interfering greatly with one’s daily life. There are two different types of Raynaud’s: Primary and Secondary. Primary Raynaud’s is usually the less serious of the two types as the condition is mild and manageable whilst people experiencing Secondary Raynaud’s will usually have more severe symptoms.'

We have found that it's not just keeping the wrists warm that helps but very specifically keeping them warm all day that seems to really help. It is because Turtle Doves fingerless gloves can be worn as wrist warmers as well as gloves and because they are light and easy to wear that they are an ideal companion for those who suffer from Raynaud's, circulatory problems, arthritis and other health issues.

How to wear your Turtle Doves to best help relieve cold hands:

The best way to get relief from cold hands is to keep the wrists warm from when you wake (our gloves can be worn as a wrist warmer too) and keep them covered all day whether indoors or out. It seems to be the continuity of warmth that helps the most.. Wearing the fingerless gloves as a wrist warmer when out in extreme cold also means that you can wear your standard gloves too if necessary and have double the protection.

We are now in our 10th year of selling Turtle Doves gloves and have many customers who swear by them. Below are a couple of reviews from Trustpilot, an independent review service; click here to read more reviews.

Love my Turtle Doves fingerless gloves - Rachel

Love my Turtle Doves fingerless gloves! Find they do help for Raynauds - I find the best way is to put them on warm hands and if you're going out when it's extremely cold then push them up to wrist warmers style and pop gloves on top. Mostly though these gloves work great without other gloves and I find i wear them when I probably wouldn't wear gloves at all because I want my fingers useable, so generally I'm keeping warmer anyway! I've now placed a second order, we need more as my daughter and I are sharing one pair to see how we like them!

Are these gloves actually filled with magical powers? - Anna

What witchcraft is this? Are these gloves actually filled with magic powers?

I'm a Fibromyalgia sufferer and always have really cold hands, especially at the moment as I can't exercise due to a fractured arm. A friend recommended Turtle Doves to me.

I received my fingerless gloves last week, and in the 5 days I've had them my hands have not been cold once. My partner has been shocked that every time he holds my hands they are warm. 

I took the advice Turtle Doves give of wearing them from when you get up - either down as gloves or rolled up as wrist warmers.It really does the trick - the cashmere helps warm my hands like no other glove can. I'm going to buy a few more pairs.

There is one downside of having warm hands - I can no longer play my favourite game of sneaking up behind my partner, lifting his shirt and putting my cold hand on his back, making him shriek like a small girl.

It's well worth reading the blog mentioned above by Raynaud's sufferer Georgie who shares information about Raynaud's, lovely pictures and honest feedback on our gloves too. Click here to read it.

We have blogged about Raynaud's a couple of times in the past,our Help for Raynaud's Sufferers' blog has some useful links in it too; click here to read it. 

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If you have further help or information I can add to this blog or to our Facebook page which may help people who suffer with cold hands please don't hesitate to email me at kate@turtle-doves.co.uk.

Warm wishes, Kate xx



HI there – I was wondering if you offer B2B trade arrangements? I have a new online shop grannygetsagrip.com which offers a range of stylish and practical products designed to make life more comfortable for the ‘older generation’. We love your fingerless gloves and wrist warmers – as they are clearly so good for arthritic hands and those with Raynauds disease – and they look lovely! If you do offer B2B would you be able to give me your trade prices? Best wishes Sophie

A tip for a cold snap, wear fingerless gloves inside a comfortable pair of thermal gloves.

I haveRaynaud’s. My sister bought me a pair of hot pink Turtle Doves for Christmas and I absolutely love them! Being cashmere they are so light, soft and warm. The design means that your hands are free so you can go about your daily tasks. I would definitely recommend them!

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