The story of the sad snow leopard.

At Turtle Doves we specialise in turning damaged cashmere into lovely new things. Usually the damage that we have to work around is small holes marks or a bit of shrinkage but occasionally something different comes up. In this case the damage was done by us! As you can see in the picture below the poor snow leopard had been chopped up.

We usually try to keep designs like this whole to reuse as centrepieces in our cashmere throws (see below) so when we saw what happened here we were all a bit sad. Then it struck us that this may not actually be a disaster because we could do something quite unusual with it. So our fabulous team started working on putting it together in a new way and we came up with this:

It’s funny how sometimes mistakes can make you think outside the box and now we are quite excited about finding other pictures that we could use in this way. One of our Turtle Doves mottos is ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and it’s certainly been true in this case!

Here's a throw made from a similar jumper which hadn’t been chopped up; we like both effects and are so glad we’ve managed to salvage our latest leopard. 

If you’d like to see more of the lovely throws which we have been making lately click here.

Thanks for reading ans have a lovely bank holiday weekend, warm wishes, Kate xx


Hi Kate
Just had to say how much I love my sweaters They are so soft and cosy. I have ordered the ponchos now. They look gorgeous 💕Adore Turtle Doves 💕

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