The March of The Makers...

When I sat down at my sewing machine eight years ago I had no idea that it was the first step towards starting a business in manufacturing. We hear a lot about Britain having been a manufacturing powerhouse and happily there's a lot of positive things happening now...

Manufacturing employs 2.7 million people in the UK. We are the 9th largest manufacturing nation and most of our businesses employ fewer than 50 people. 

Between 1980 and 2016 the number of people employed in the textile industry dropped from 800k to 100k, though at last that tide may be turning. British brands are now realising that re-shoring their manufacturing means fast turnaround, assured quality, low carbon footprint and with the pound having depreciated since the Brexit vote, it's much more cost-effective too.

There are skills which have been lost over the years but the great news is that this trend is reversing. Some of the wonderful seamstresses we work with trained years ago before so much of our clothing manufacture was moved overseas, but many of them are newly trained by us and are part of what we hope is a manufacturing revolution. In 2016 alone 5000 jobs were created in the textile industry.

Making things in the UK is in many ways a joy. Good communication, short distances and excellent quality benchmarks are part of the positives. However, in order to pay fair British wages, we must invest in clever design and the digital revolution. We also need to connect with a knowledgeable customer base, who want to invest in British-made products.

As a consumer it can be quite difficult to be informed about the provenance of products and some brands will dress products up as 'British' but it's just the design or the headquarters which are of UK can be a minefield. 

We make everything ourselves in Shropshire (click here to browse our range) and are so proud to be part of this 'March of the Makers' movement. If you're keen to find more British-made products then is a great place to start.

So, a big thanks to all who are making this journey possible!

Warm wishes, Kate and the TD Team xx



Just received my black hand warmers love them and love that they are made only 50 miles away
Off to order another colour now.

I asked for a pair of your fingerless gloves for my Christmas gift. I was lucky enough to get not just gloves but also a neckwarmer. I feel very lucky and love wearing them. I’m delighted that they are made in Shropshire and from recycled cashmere.

I have now bought 5 pairs of fingerless gloves – some for me, some for friends. I absolutely love them, and I’m sure my friends will feel the same Christmas morning. The colours are wonderful and I love wearing my fingerless gloves, thank you.

I absolutely love my scarf snoods (I have 2) and gloves to match. They are so warm and snuggly. Love the fact that their British made, quality is amazing and very stylish too. Thanks team !

I hope my friends and family aren’t looking at this blog before the big day, because seven of them will be getting some fingerless gloves for Christmas – I have kept the eighth pair to add to my collection.

I love your products and their province, i have recommended your website to so many people, who like me, love the idea of re-cycling much loved products and supporting British business along the way

Congratulations … I m a very happy wearer of turtle dove buffs – brilliant for outside activités and very classy. Thank you and Best wishes for 2018.

Well done to you and your team, buying British makes sense. I have three pairs of your gloves, never go anywhere without them! Just waiting for the next ‘offer’ to buy a black pair. Best wishes for Christmas and New Year to the Turtle Doves Team.

I’ve just purchased my second pair of fingerless gloves, absolutely love them. I always try to buy from the UK, it has to make sense.

I have just purchased some fingerless gloves and a buff for myself and for a present I am delighted with the quality and the colours the fact that is has been made in Britain makes the purchase perfect so thanks to everybody at turtle doves.

Thanks – really interesting

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