Summer Crafting Fun - Cashmere Brooch Making

Lately we have been looking around us in the studio and thinking that there is the potential to make so many beautiful things with the pieces of cashmere that we can’t easily use, and an idea has started to germinate.

Turtle Doves started because of a love of creativity and it’s still one of the central pillars of our little business. Years ago I used to make brooches from the cashmere scraps left once we'd made as many gorgeous cashmere accessories as we could from each jumper. I would sell them at our market stall, but then, as we became busier, time got shorter and the brooches fell by the wayside. 

Nothing makes us happier than turning something that has been thrown away back into beautiful and useful items. This is something that can be fun to do and we believe is an important part of reducing the footprint we all leave on the world.

So, we started having a little play with cashmere scraps and created a box of goodies with enough cashmere, buttons and fastenings to make 4 gorgeous brooches. We think that, if any of you fancy a summer project, these boxes offer hours of fun with potentially some love filled (and great value) gifts to show for it. Whether you like to hand stitch or work on the machine cashmere is easy to work with and makes a soft and colourful gift for you or someone you love. Click here to buy the box; these will be priced at £16 but we have a launch offer for you of just £12 when you buy through this blog!

Here are some brooches that we have put together, but there is an endless amount of inspiration on sites such as Pinterest if you fancy creating something completely different.

We would absolutely love you to share your creativity and inspire others via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. From simple cut out shapes hand-stitched and decorated with buttons to more detailed machine-embroidery style pieces there's fun to be had 

If you feel like getting even more creative, then our larger crafter's box is available here.

We would love any feedback you have on this idea. Our hope is that it will inspire you to enjoy spending time making goodies to share with people that you love.

Thanks for reading,

love Kate and the TD team XX


I am just about to take your craft box and ideas to a 12 yr old who is wheelchair bound after a big operation. Where can I find more suggestions? Thanks for the good idea!

Dearly love to learn how to make these wonderful brooches. Im in my late sixties and hope I can. I am going to order your lovely box. Good luck and success with your wonderful business

Lovely idea .nothing wasted . I am all for up cycling.
Best wishes to all at Turtle Doves

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