Silk is Back - 2017 Collection Launch Blog

It's always exciting when the first silk saris of the year arrive and we start planning our next collection. Back in January we got our thinking caps on and although you haven't seen much sign of it we've been up to our eyes in silk at the studio for some time now. 

Like our cashmere our silk had been loved and worn and it takes a lot of work to make sure that we use all the lovely bits and avoid signs of wear. Silk is a little more difficult to work with than cashmere; we often have to make decisions on our 'vintage' scale...where do signs of use, like a small amount of fading, become unacceptable...we always err on the sign of caution whilst giving as much of the silk a new lease of life as we can. 

We start by dividing the silk into colour groups so that we can see what themes there are...this year looks like a better one for purples and pinks than last year.

Once they are in groups the hard work starts. Every sari needs to be thoroughly checked and so we set to and iron each one with two people looking for signs of wear or marks.

Although silk is one of nature's strongest fibres we have to be really careful that everything we re-use has lots of life still left in it because quality is very important to us.

The saris with the least damage get made into our amazing, versatile Hugs which are our most limited edition silk item.

Silk Hugs

These are a generous infinity scarf which are an excellent year round addition to any wardrobe. We choose soft silk that falls well and because silk can be warm as well as light to wear they make a great travel companion. There are usually only two at most from any one sari and we update the range as fast as we can when they sell out so there's always something new to see. 

Next we move on to the silk Companion Scarves and Reversible Ponchos. These are both a brand new product and use the silk in different ways.

Reversible Poncho
The poncho has two complementary, but different coloured sides and is made from soft draping silk.
Silk Companion Scarf

The Companion Scarf is a soft silk one side and a firmer silk on the other in a complementary colour...this match gives a scarf with a bit more structure (it's what I'm wearing in the picture at the top of the blog too). 

Finally we move on to a favourite silk product, the Slinky Scarf, this uses the smaller pieces we have and is a great way to bring together lots of different colours in a fun and easy to wear small infinity scarf. This can be worn in several ways all through the year.

Silk Slinky Scarf

We are still working on what to make with all the little bits but don't worry; even if we have to give them away we won't let them go to waste.

We're going to keep making silk for at least 2 more months, perhaps longer, but we're still creating cashmere goodies at the same time.

Do comment at the bottom of this blog if you have any thoughts or ideas about our silk launch for 2017; we hope you like it.

Warm wishes, 

Kate and the TD Team xx


Really love your silk scarves- they are perfect for all year round here in south-west England. My favourite style is your Bandana scarf- I have three- and have given them as gifts too. Please keep making them!

Looking forward to the silk hugsetc. for Spring/summer 2018! Great idea. Came to know your company too late for this summer.

I don’t know how many small bits you will end up with but what about a lovely silk patchwork quilt or sofa throw. I would love one!

How about these ideas for the smaller pieces
Handkerchief for the top pocket in a jacket
Silk ties
Unstructured belts

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