Random Acts of Kindness Day


Here at Turtle Doves we think it's important to feel warm on the inside as well as on the outside. That’s why we are excited to announce an offer for Random Acts of Kindness week, 14th -20th February. Here it is; spend £26 or more on Fingerless Gloves and if you're up for it you can add a pair of Random Act of Kindness Gloves to your order FOR FREE, give them to your cold handed friend, big issue seller, dog walking mate, neighbour or, well, anyone who looks like they might need a hug... and feel warm on the inside, on us.

Here’s how it works. As you probably know we are a recycling company with a circular ethos and we create as little waste, and use as much of each jumper, as we possibly can. This means that we have some gorgeous gloves that are nonconformist; all beautifully unique, they might be thicker, thinner, unusual knits or patterns... different and delicious and we thought this would be a lovely way to share them.

This offer is available during February while stocks last. In order to share the kindness out fairly this offer can only be used once per customer.

Up for it? Just click here to add the Random Act of Kindness Gloves to your basket, choose another item for £26 or more, and the code WARMHEART21 will be applied at checkout... oh, and start thinking about your next random act of kindness! 

If you feel minded to share your act on any social media platform we'd love to know where the gloves go. It would be great if you could use the hashtags #turtledoves, #randomactsofkindnessday and #RAKtivist too, thank you! 

Thank you for reading and have a good day.

Warm wishes, Kate and the TD Team


Just opened my post and inside was a pair of fingerless gloves gifted by my dear friend Jan, what a lovely surprise in these difficult times we are living in.

I bought a pair of your lovely fingerless gloves last month to say thank you to our Milk Lady.Locally known as" Jan the Milk" .Jan is in her 70’s come rain, shine, snow or ice milk, eggs, papers local magazine are delivered.Jan cares for everyone always there to help, pass messages on in our rural community of the Teme Valley. Jan is our local Hero.

Lovely idea. I bought yet another pair of gorgeous gloves and received a lovely Random Acts of Kindness pair. I gave them to my lovely Pilates teacher last night and she was absolutely thrilled. She is kindness personified. She cares for us all in her classes of up to 20 adults! She knows everyone’s body issues before we start and adapts the exercises to suit us all! She has helped my poor arthritic knees more than a physiotherapist did! I wear my fingerless gloves in class as well! 🤗

I love mine and was so pleased to be able to pass on a pair to my friend who was suffering very cold hands as a side effect of her treatment. She was absolutely delighted with them – also totally surprised how well they worked. Thank you for this fabulous opportunity.

Fantastic idea – did this in October, November & December when saw someone with cold hands – as I had bought some of your lovely wrist warmers in the summer sale – wonderful company xx

Am often looking at your site and knew of a friend who did also. She is a carer, often out early and needing her fingers to be active. Bought her a pair of fingerless gloves in her favourite colour and she loves them. Xx

Fabulous idea. I already have 3 pairs of your fingerless gloves and would love to share the warmth through this random act of kindness. Just placed an order.
Looking forward to sharing the love <3

What a brilliant idea! Well done x

I just wanted to say this is such a lovely idea I adore my gloves and wrist warmers (4 pairs now) and receive many comments I also attempt a random act of kindness daily . So this resonates. Thank you . X

That is a lovely idea

I think this is a splendid idea and reading the blog succeeded in filling me with inner warmth! I truly believe that random acts of kindness are the best.

I have previously bought two pairs of your fingerless gloves and love them. I’ve worn my my raspberry red ones most days this winter!

I’m not promising to buy on this occasion but wish you well – hopefully there will be a lot of unexpectedly warm hands in late February!

A random act of warmness sounds a great idea. I love mine and wear them everyday.

Hi Kate
Your random act of kindness gesture is such a wonderful idea and so very generous of you. This provides me with the perfect excuse to buy yet another pair and do someone else a favour at the same time -definitely win win. Thank you so much

what a wonderful idea, i love your company because you genuinely care about people. good luck!

Fantastic idea. I would have added this to my order yesterday if I’d known. 😁👍

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