Our Trip To Copenhagen

As Graham and I headed off from Stansted Airport for Copenhagen last week we really didn't know what to expect. Now, having spent the day at Trustpilot HQ meeting the team who manage the independent reviews we receive, met some great people, seen some of the sites (and found a lovely bar in which to enjoy the rugby) we have lots to share with you...

We arrived on a very chilly but also sunny afternoon and discovered an infrastructure based around pedestrians and cyclists. The train and metro were easy to use but it was the bikes that really blew us away...did you know that there are more bicycles than inhabitants in Copenhagen? We were told that about 65% of people cycle to work. It was believable as the roads were nothing like those in any city I've been to; cars really were in the minority.

The huge lake outside our hotel had ducks and swans walking on it; it had probably been frozen for months, which made it all the stranger that Graham decided that he'd enjoy our afternoon out without a coat. Apparently he decided not to wear a coat because he thought a childhood spent on the North Norfolk coast prepared him for this type of weather...he ended up walking home wearing my cashmere wrap!

In the picture above we're visiting Nyhavn with its famous, colourful merchants' houses and fishing boats, some wooden and very old. We ate there and discovered that food and especially drink is expensive in Copenhagen but that said everything we had was delicious.

On Friday we were invited to visit Trustpilot HQ. We knew that having a review system was important but we weren't really sure whether we were making the most of it. We were greeted by Laura, who has looked after us for the last two years and met Peter Mühlmann the CEO. Peter was really inspiring and shared his vision with us; he believes that word-of-mouth has always been the most important way companies grow their reputation and brand. By creating a shareable online platform where anyone can tell their story openly, and where companies can not only listen but engage in the conversation too, he feels that Trustpilot have reinvented word of mouth for the digital age - we think he's right. We have had almost 7000 reviews now and are really proud of our 5 star rating.  Reviews can be answered but never removed so it really does keep us on our toes and in touch with our customers, You can click here to visit the Turtle Doves Trustpilot page if you fancy a read.

Here's one of our current favourite recent reviews and some pictures of Graham and I with Laura and Peter:

It was a great day. We were treated to an amazing lunch (apparently the best Danish meal in Copenhagen and a restaurant which has been featured in Rick Stein's programmes) at Restaurant Schønnemann. Overall we came away feeling really inspired as to how useful Trustpilot is to us and to our customers. 
We spent Saturday visiting the Design Museum, which was really interesting and then watched two amazing rugby games at The Globe, a fantastically characterful sports bar. We ate at the Kødbyens Fiskebar, great fish dishes and with a tour of the kitchen thrown in too; what a friendly place. On Sunday we fitted in the Ny Carlsbery Glyptotek; a museum packed full of antiquities and art and then happily caught the train and metro back to the airport. 
One tip in case you do visit...the airport is really long and unless you leave a good 15 minutes to find your boarding gate once through security you may well miss your flight (luckily we ran fast and got there before the last sets of steps had been removed from the plane!). This is not untypical of us when travelling!
We loved the trip and are tempted to go again in the summer to see what it all looks like then (and to have some more of that delicious herring).
Warm wishes, Kate & Graham


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