New Year new designs... the first one has arrived!

We always love this time of year when we look forward and get creative about what new goodies we'll have online soon. This year is particularly exciting because we finally created a product with pockets and we really love it!


***Drumroll*** Our new jumper is here! We have just launched it via a Facebook Live and you can see the colourways availabe and read more about it here.

It has lovely soft pockets and a matching neckwarmer. The scoop neck is flattering and we think it will be a great jumper for all seasons. We hope you like it, all feedback gratefully received!

A brief aside, but still about pockets...

We had a lovely coincidence this week as one of our team members Ellie brought in a gorgeous little book on the history of pockets from the female perspective. Her good friend Saffron (@saffasas on Instagram) had made it, done all the research and all the creatives too. I had never really thought about it but it turns out that wearing pockets has been an act of female rebellion at times through history...that made me very happy!

Anyway; more on all of this soon.

Thanks for reading,




One of my daughters bought your new jumper with pockets for me as I was away. I love it; the pockets are great and, as another customer said it’s great having the removable neck warmer if it it’s too hot indoors. My multicoloured patchwork one is often admired. My husband likes it as he can easily find me in a crowd! 😂

Hi Kate, Wow, these jumpers look stunning and I really love the pockets and the matching tasselly (is that a word?😆) neckwarmer! If you could let me know when you’re doing the next facebook live to show the special one-off ones that would be great. I’d be really interested in a purply/bluey one or a patterned one! Thanks and best wishes, Helen. xx

Hi Kate, I already have two roll neck jumpers, which I really love wearing, so cosy and warm this winter weather. However, I would love one of your new monochrome jumpers please, as sometimes the roll necks are a bit too warm indoors. Could you put me on your waiting list please.

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