NEW this season - Exciting Fabrics, Colours and Designs Coming Soon!

Now in our eighth year we are starting to get a feel for how the months pass, there's a rhythm, and January is definitely design time. Here's what we've been up to...

We always knew that it was going to be an exciting start to 2017 because our 'Cashmere zero', a non-woven fabric made from our own cashmere waste, landed at the end of last year. We've spent hours looking into how we can use it and have also been looking at new knitted cashmere accessory designs as well as having an adventure with colour.


The design process is increasingly a team effort at TD HQ, and this year that was more true than ever. Our youngest team members, Ellie and Lydia, are both very artistic. They were really happy to have some extra work looking at this year's colours and they came up with some wonderful mood boards:

New colours coming soon!

So, the colours for this season are based around greenery... Now, you might be thinking that this won't be relevant to us because we can't choose the colours we get in (we only buy jumpers which have been thrown away and have no choice of the colour) but actually it really does help us.

We've researched this season's colours and put them together with received wisdom about which colour groupings suit which skin tones. If you know anyone who has had their 'colours' done you'll have heard that colour groupings tend to be divided by seasons...we've used the research we've done to make some new colourways which are being launched very soon in our 'All Season' snood collection (which was the Summer Snood last year)...

Last Year's Summer Snood

For 'Spring' skin tones or light, warm, clear colours.
For 'Summer' skin tones or cool and soft colours

For 'Autumn' skin tones or rich, warm, earthy colours.


For 'Winter' skin tones or cool, dark or monochrome colours.

...And a fabulous new hat!

We have launched a new hat every year since we started the business and are very excited about our latest offer...

It's called a Pocket Beanie, it will be about £20, and is a small pull on hat which folds into its own pocket so that it is easier to find and harder to lose than your average beanie. It comes in two styles, a square top or a rounded one. The pocket that it folds into was a brainwave from Nettie after I pointed out how easily it folds up to go in a pocket...apologies for the model...I was rather excited!

The hat has a contrast facing which is sewn in such a way that, as mentioned above, the hat can be folded inside itself like this (please excuse the amateur video...did my best at short notice!):

It is a small hat perfect for spring and autumn chills and the rounded version is ideal for popping on under a cycle helmet or similar. We'd like to know what you think!

We also have a great new poncho design which will be coming in March. It's asymmetrical, super-flattering and we love will be in a newsletter soon!

As many of you are aware the most exciting thing that happened to me last year was managing to create a fabric from our own cashmere waste (you can read about that day here) and we've worked really hard on making products from it. It is a non-woven fabric; this has limitations for clothing but can be great for accessories...we'd love to know what you think of the idea of this bag...?

Lastly, we have had the first delivery of silk saris in and will start working on the new collection of gorgeous colourful silk accessories in February, ready to share them with you in March. 

We're really looking forward to launching our new products over the next few weeks and hope that you like them too!

Best wishes, Kate and the Team



Love the idea of the bag. Can’t wait to see the silk accessory designs.

Agree with the socks suggestions. Most cashmere companies do them but they are SO expensive and TD ones would be brilliant!

Somewhere I read that bed socks could be on the up, I cannot think of anything nicer that TD ones :)

Socks would be a great idea ?

Hello. Just wondered if you do socks. Just a tube type that can be pulled on in evening when feet feeling cold

Hello. Just wondered if you do socks. Just a tube type that can be pulled on in evening when feet feeling cold

Love the look of the bag. Can’t wait for the new silk, so exciting.

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