Making magic with colours...fancy a try?

One of the things I love about my job is working with a never-ending array of colour. We often have new ideas, mixing colours in ways that surprise and sometimes it's our Made to Order customers who inspire us...

It can be daunting choosing colours though so I thought it might be helpful if I put together a list of hints and tips to help make the process as enjoyable as it can be.

So, firstly it's worth checking out our Made to Order page here to see what products you can choose from...

So, when you know what product you are dreaming of it's time to get clever with colour...

First, how many colours do you choose? I would recommend using no more than 3. In my experience, unless you want some kind of rainbow effect this will keep the end product looking neater and more stylish. For our smaller products like the wrist warmers and neckwarmer, it is possible to request a single colour but with our larger products we always have to use more than one jumper, so a mix of colours is inevitable. Using different shades of the same colour can work really nicely if you're looking for something subtle, as shown in this All Season Snood:

The next question to address is 'Which colours to choose?'  At this point I'd head up to your wardrobe and squint at your clothes to see whether there is a colour theme and then choose a base colour for your item. You may already have a signature colour but if not you can read more about that here and if you have time you can also read about what colours may suit your skin tone here. Many people will usually wear one colour - often either black, blue or brown - more than another (coats, shoes and handbags can help to lead you here) so it's good to take the lead from something you have more of. If two or three colours don't immediately leap out at you then the next thing to think about is which colours make you feel happy (maybe it's just me but I feel way nicer in something with a red or bright pink base than with blue or green for example).

There is a lot of science behind colour. The diagram below shows how colours opposite each other on the colour wheel are complementary whereas those next to each other are tonal:

...but for me it's all more of an art than a science. I like red, cerise and orange together for example and I'm not sure there's much science behind that...I just love how they all jump out at each other.

Thinking about tone is important too; you may be looking for a bright effect or something subtle and your wardrobe will help you to see what will fit the bill.

I would recommend just putting colours in your wardrobe next to each other until you see an effect you like. 

It's also worth considering that although we will always try our hardest to get the effect you're looking for it's almost impossible to match colours exactly so choosing a complementary colour can be a good way of bringing outfits together. For example teal looks great with most browns so if you have a brown coat it may be better to consider teal than try to match an exact shade of brown to the coat.

Lastly you need to help us to really understand what you have imagined. It's great if you can describe the colours as exactly as possible. Using colours which are in everyday life is a real help so instead of just saying mustard letting us know whether you mean English or French mustard is great. If you're not sure, it can help to email us a photo or two or you can make the order over the phone and we can assist in getting the right description. There is a spot at the bottom of the basket page called 'Order Notes' and that's where you need to pop the description (and a contact number in case we have any question for you).

I hope this blog has been helpful...whether you choose to have your product made by us in the end or not I hope you'll have enjoyed spending time contemplating colour!

Warm wishes, Kate xx

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