How does keeping your wrists warm help keep your fingers warmer?

We are often told that our fingerless gloves and wrist warmers really help people who suffer with cold hands...and at the same time lots of people ask us how is it possible to have warmer hands when your fingers aren't covered?'s what we know...

It is well known that in hot weather running cold water over your wrists helps to cool you down. Well, the reverse is true too; if you keep your wrists warm then the blood in your hands stays warmer.

Whether you choose to stay cosier with our fingerless gloves, wrist warmers or a homemade version (the end of an old pair of wool socks will do the job nicely) keeping those wrists covered is what will help. We are also told that it's keeping the wrists covered all day that makes the most difference. If you cover your wrists when you are still warm from bed and keep them cosy all day you'll feel more benefit than wearing gloves, which are often on and off all the time. If you suffer badly with cold hands then wrist warmers and gloves worn together can be a good idea; it's best not to think of it as an either/or situation.

The same is true of your neck and your ankles, and of course your head too. Wherever the blood is closer to the surface of the skin it has the chance to cool so protecting those areas is key.

I've blogged about this before so if you'd like more information about how keeping the wrists warm can help Raynaud's sufferers click here. There are also some testimonials on the page because we don't just want you to take our word for it.


I have four pairs of fingerless gloves, a pair of wrist warmers and now two neck warmers with another on the way. I am sittting in a freezing lecture theatre as I work as a note taker for disabled students- which is only made bearable today by the wrist warmers. If only I’d brought my wrap for my knees!

I adore these products. So versatile, and the colours are beautiful. I don’t need them, but I’ve another two orders in the pipeline and I’ll be giving them as presents again next Xmas!

I had a very severe cat bite 3 years ago which resulted in infection, 6 days in hospital and a decidedly dodgy middle finger which goes completely dead at the slightest drop n temperature. Since that time I have been using fingerless gloves and wrist warmers and have been delighted to discover TurtleDoves, which are so softly warming and do a lot towards keeping my hand working.

Absolutely love my fingerless gloves. I have two pairs already and am now waiting for a neck warmer. They are so soft and in beautiful colours, Thankyou for an excellent service ?

I have a lovely neck-warmer and pair of wrist warmers both of which keep me beautifully warm walking my dog. I prefer wrist warmers to fingerless gloves: have just bought my second pair. They are reversable so am definitely looking forward to wearing them.

I tried to order the special pack with neck warmer and snood but all out of stock so also paid delivery.
. When will they be available. Would I be able to buy special deal when back in stock and free delivery?
My order no is #S48837
Also how can I request small gloves?

Love my fingerless gloves. So soft and pretty too

I have just viewed your pages, joined as a friend but can’t get back to the 2 discount codes page Please can you advise?
Kind regards Penny

Hi, just tried to order fingerless gloves using link for discount code, but not recognised ?

Absolutely love my must have warm cashmere wrist warmers. Love the colours.

I use my fingerless gloves all the time especially when I am doing my round of working and selling my cakes at Christmas fairs, food festivals. They really do keep my hands warm. And when you need to use your fingers, just pull them further up your wrists. You do not lose them (except when you take them off and then cannot find both!!! It has just happened to me…)

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