Exciting Cashmere Blend Collection - a real one off!

At Turtle Doves one thing that gets us all really excited is the chance to get creative with something new. So, when we received an email offering us the chance to buy a selection of cashmere blend jumpers and cardis we suspected that something exciting might be on the horizon.

The garments we bought are, unusually for us, unworn samples and end-of-line knits. They all come from Mongolia and were sold to us by a small business specialising in ethical sourcing. When we bought them we were delighted to find that they were in a gorgeous selection of colours and also in large sizes.This meant that they could be re-worked into something less patchworked than our usual larger accessories. 

Nettie and I locked ourselves away in our office and got thinking. All of the knits are a mix of cashmere (between 40% and 70% and acrylic) and they are a great weight for a poncho. Once we had decided that ponchos were the order of the day adding the wrist warmers to match was a no-brainer. We made one set, to check the design and fine-tune it, and were really pleased when we tried it on. The wrist warmers really finish the look off and make it more of a replacement for a coat than it might otherwise be. Click here to see the collection.

This collection really is 'Limited Edition' as some sets there are only one of (and at most there is just a handful of a colourway) so they will go fast and won't be replaced...there really is nothing we can do about that, sorry!

Click here to see what's available right now.

Thanks for reading.

Kate & the TD Team xx

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