What is a signature colour? Do you have one? If not would you like help choosing one?

Would you love to look and feel more 'together' every day by adding a signature colour to your wardrobe? Perhaps you already do this and have some hints and tips you can share?

I have been looking into colour and skin tone for some time and the more I find out the more interesting it gets. 

This week I'm thinking more about how to wear accessories to your best advantage by adding a signature colour and I've done a little sketch to show what I mean.

My own method for choosing accessories is to pick 3 of the items below in matching colours and balance them through the outfit to tie the look together. I have used this method of balancing what I'm wearing for some time but I'd still love to hear if you have any hints, tips or suggestions about how to wear colour.

Signature colours can be bolder than you'd usually dare to wear as garments and needn't be worn in great quantity. It's worth thinking about the items in your wardrobe which you love and wear regularly; there may be a theme there to build on or a colour that will naturally harmonise well with what you already own. I'll often be seen in red glasses, a red ring and red Turtle Doves for example. I may also put on red boots but you can have too much of a good thing so at this point I'd ditch the red tights and opt for a colour which would tone well.

I found an excellent article to help understand how to match, tone and harmonise with colour recently by Tiffany Ima. I wrote to her asking whether I could share her blog and she said she'd be delighted so here it is: How to find your signature colours by Tiffany Ima.

I hope that this has inspired you to get creative and have a play with colour. If so it's worth a browse of our fingerless gloves and neckwarmers which make really great and practical colour accessories.

Whatever colours and accessories you choose to experiment with, have fun. Also, do let me know if you've something to share which might help on my mission to better understand colours and how to use them.

Warm wishes, Kate xx


What colours are your headbands? Looking for one to match recently purchased purple fingerless gloves.

Great, Blog You Have Sharing the Good Information. Red Cashmere Scarf

Do you ever have tiny pieces of fabric left over, that you could make into swatches of your warm, cool, neutral palettes? I would certainly find it helpful when ordering over the phone etc. To buy, of cours. Just a suggestion that came to mind.

Thanks Kate, really interesting. You make it sound so easy!!!!

Would like to order the purple wrap but would like pink instead of all the grey. Is this possible?

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