Are We Fluff Enough? The News of the Year!

The picture above may not look like much but it represents a lot of hard work and for me it is a picture of a wonderfully exciting part of our future...

I'm sure you're aware that part of our mission as a business is to re-use post-consumer and other waste materials in a useful, meaningful and stylish way. In the seven years since I started the business we have gone from recycling one or two cashmere jumpers a week to well over a quarter of a tonne of jumpers a month. This is all very commendable but it has always worried me that we weren't using every bit of the cashmere we bought, so for a long time we've saved our small bits of cashmere waste for 'Kate's harebrained project'. We have huge piles of bags squirreled away in garages and corners of the studio waiting for what happened this Tuesday. Oh boy was I excited...

To give a bit of context I have dreamed for a long time of a non-woven fabric made from our waste and have, with Graham's help, been researching possibilities for years. It's been tough. Graham has helped but even he began to doubt whether this dream could become a reality as he began to drown in cashmere pieces every time he came to the studio. 

In the last 6 weeks, with the help of Wrap, we have found a company in the north of England who can weave - or needle-felt actually - just the type of magic we've been searching for! The journey is only just beginning but I honestly feel that now we can become a truly zero, or perhaps negative, waste business.

Click here to see my announcement of the arrival of the fabric on Facebook Live and below are some pictures of the first sample we've made...

If you have any ideas about what we can do with our new fabric, what we can call it or any other comments please get in touch and watch this space for an announcement of the first product we'll be creating...we hope that it will be soon!

Thank you for reading,

Kate & the TD Team



I think you should sell the fabric to Crafters and upcyclers. The possibilities are endless.

Needlefelted bags, clutches, spectacles pocket cases and also ‘streamer’ edged scarves (see felted scarf ideas on pinterest) that are statement type pieces would all be lovely . . . Can the rovings and scraps be needle felted into fabric that can then be cut and sewn? Felted slippers too.

My dogs would love a higgildy piggildy blanket or coat made out of your cashmere waste.
My friends medical detection dog, could do with a roll up mat for when we go out and about. Just a few ideas. Good luck. Great to see the passion you have for your product Kate.

Well done on finding a use for your scraps of cashmere, its a beautiful fabric but I can’t think what to suggest you make with it until we know how it feels and if it will be washable or not. I love the look of it, it reminds me of summer mosses and litchens on old stones, perhaps you could call it Cashmere Moss or Heartfelt, something romantic rather than jokey would suit it better I feel.

How about Huggefelt?

I have been addicted to cashmere for years. This whole project is so exciting and I only hope it becomes an even bigger success!
Regarding the new fabric…how about calling it CashCash….?

I love the look of the new fabric and whilst I can’t come up with a wonderful name it came to me in the night what I would like to see made from it. I would love to see a coat for a whippet, with the long neck and edging and fastening in a solid colour. Whippets feel the cold and love to be snugly and warm, a cashmere coat would be wonderful and I would be there to make a purchase and offer a handsome boy to model for you too!

Well done, Kate, for your perseverance and for your commitment to recycling every little thread of cashmere!
As for a name : “razzacash” came to mind then “cycash”; a recycled / razzamatazz / ragbag / cashmere mixture.

What a gorgeous new fabric!
My suggestion is BUBBLEMERE made from cashmere bubbles.
Best of luck with another great product!

What a lovely idea. I love cashmere and it’s great to see it having another life after a garment is worn out. Has anyone suggested cashweave or cashreborn?

Don’t know if anyone has suggested this yet but REMCASH would be my choice as you are using remnants of cashmere.

Cashfelt – there are several people who have come up with this as well, but it is a really good way of combining the material (cashmere) with the construction method (felting).
I would suggest gloves, hats and scarves, but as matching sets where the body of the hat, the majority of the scarf and the majority of the gloves are made with them the cashfelt, but with the welts and ends being from the same cashmere, so that the cuffs of the gloves and the ends of the scarf, and the turn up bit of the hat are all the same colour, and that colour whatever it is will be included in the cashfelt to bring the whole set together.

Looks great and some very suitable comments and suggestions – mine would be “convoluted cashmere”

Thank you all so much for these great suggestions! Apologies for not replying individually but I’ve made a note of all the suggestions for the product research/naming file. Warmest wishes, Kate xx

What about Flashmere?
The colours remind me of fire and fireworks but there needs to be a nod the the yarn itself I think.
A lovely snugly scarf and matching signature fingerless gloves would be good.

Cashfelt or Felt mere. ..a beanie hat or a scarf would be good.

As it’s needlefelted what about “cashfelt”? I’d like a nice long scarf, with pockets on the end to put your hands in to keep your fingers warm when it’s really cold and you need a little more than your fingerless gloves.

Brilliant idea. Re a name – how about “Cashmore”

It looks a brilliant fabric – great that Wrap are helping you, they look a great company as well, I’d not heard of them before. I agree with many of the comments – a gilet would work just fine and would be easy to slip on as an extra layer when it’s chilly, I can also see it as a bag/purse ( a bit like the welsh tapestry ones). Jazz as suggested sounds a great name. Good luck with your experimenting!


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