Amazing News - Turtle Doves RSPB Collaboration

When the RSPB fundraising team called us late last year I could hardly contain my excitement. Mike had seen us online and the name of the business piqued his, only 4 months later we are working with the RSPB and are delighted to be helping to raise money to directly help the plight of this lovely bird.

We have had a little picture drawn of how the system will's all to do with pre-loved cashmere knitwear...

For each jumper sent to us, which can be re-used to make gloves, we will pay £5 to the RSPB. This money will go directly to help this endangered bird and our target is to raise £20,000. The jumper can be damaged by moth holes, shrunk or with marks but we do ask that it is freshly laundered before it's sent. Also, when you send a jumper to us you'll receive a £5 voucher to use on the RSPB collection on our website.

Here's what the RSPB have to say about the turtle dove: 

Turtle doves are dainty, blackbird-sized doves with a lovely “turrrturrr-ing” call from which they get their name. In late summer they migrate from the UK through Europe to their wintering grounds in West Africa, typically returning to the UK to breed in April or May. Sadly we’ve lost 97% of our turtle doves since 1970 and now they are mostly found only in the east and south east of England. There are several factors linked to their decline. These include the loss of suitable habitat and lack of food (seeds) in both the breeding and wintering grounds, unsustainable levels of hunting on migration, and disease. The Operation Turtle Dove partnership are working hard to understand these threats so that we can save these fantastic birds. Find out more about this work, where you can see the birds and how you can help turtle doves: Operation Turtle Dove .

To donate used cashmere knits or just to read more about the process click here: 

 We are delighted to be able to help this great cause and hope that you will support us by spreading the word.

Many thanks, Kate and the TD Team 


Is this instead of receiving a free pair of fingerless gloves or do we still receive a pair of gloves for every jumper sent ?

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