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We were delighted when we saw our cashmere baby blankets very near the top of the Made for Mums list of '10 of the best cool but warm baby blankets' last week (above names like John Lewis and Mamas & Papas). Our baby products are cute, practical and really popular as birth gifts. However, for us they do another job - it's all about being as sustainable as possible; here's the story.

Depending on how you met us you might well have heard of, or possibly tried, our best-selling Turtle Doves gloves. The gloves use up a certain amount of every jumper but if we only sold the gloves there would be waste in our system and we're really not into that. So, once the glove pieces have been removed from every jumper the remaining cashmere is neatly cut up (as in the box above) and prepared to make our large array of other recycled cashmere products. 

From the smaller items like our cashmere booties and headbands to our amazing throws, wraps and jumpers there is a huge array of choice. Every product we make has two aims, firstly to use up as much waste cashmere as possible in a beautiful way and secondly to create work for our skilled team. We pay the Living Wage as a minimum and, as I'm sure you can imagine, re-making something is a long job. From the sorting, washing and drying through the cutting and onto the skilled craft of matching then sewing each item the team work hard with love and dedication. It's not over then though; every item is also carefully quality checked before it's allowed to be listed online and there's also our speedy pick, pack and dispatch team and ever cheerful customer service trio so every product we create supports quite a large team.

By choosing our non-glove products you are directly helping to re-use British waste in a practical and positive way.

Anyway, back to the Made for Mums recommendation; here's what they had to say about us:

The pure cashmere baby blankets from British company Turtle Doves are designed and made in Shrewsbury and come in a range of colours, from neutral pastels to bold brights.

We love the unisex Jolly Bright design, and the fact the business has won awards for its eco credentials.

The single cashmere layer is soft and warm and the best bit is that it can be machine washed on a cold setting and laid out to dry.

We are very grateful for all the support we have and especially delighted when our lovely patchwork products make their way to new homes to keep people feeling cosy and loved. 


Wonderful idea! A friend told me about you yesterday. She said if I bagged up my own not worn anymore cashmere jumpers I cd send them to you? Then you give a pair of mittens as a thank you?!!
If so the bag is on its way!
If so to what address etc?

Just like to say how amazing the baby blankets and booties are , received yesterday , beautifully made, I’m sure the two mums to be will be well chuffed.
Thanks a lot, G

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