A Happy Week For Numbers at Turtle Doves

As in life, at Turtle Doves some weeks are more exciting than others and this week has been particularly jolly!  We're busy working on a couple of new products in cashmere and velvet (more on that very soon) and reached two targets which we've been working towards for a long time...

The first news is about Trustpilot:

Trustpilot, an independent review system which collects comments from customers who wish to share their thoughts about what we do, emails customers a week after they have made an order to ask for their opinion of our service and products.  This is where our exciting news comes in...we received our 1000th review this weekend.  Trustpilot wrote to congratulate us (and even said that they were celebrating with cake on our behalf!).

Graham introduced Trustpilot to Turtle Doves about 18 months ago and we've been delighted with the responses we've had; our average score is 9.8 out of 10 and the comments we get are really motivating to the team.  If you'd like to leave a review about an order you've received here's the link.

We are really delighted that we are ranked so highly in the categories below, considering we are amongst some of the UK's best online operators.  But we won't be resting on our laurels, don't worry. Here are our current Trustpilot rankings:

Turtle Doves is ranked 2 out of 179 in the category Ladies wear

Turtle Doves is ranked 4 out of 134 in the category Baby

Turtle Doves is ranked 1 out of 10 in the category Headwear

Turtle Doves is ranked 6 out of 180 in the category Menswear

Turtle Doves is ranked 9 out of 160 in the category

The second piece of news is about social media:

We are really lucky to have a great community of supporters who we keep in touch with by email, Facebook, Twitter and lately Instagram too.  Generally speaking it's me who does the staying in touch and I always make sure the team is aware of the feedback we get (usually it brightens our day but we appreciate all feedback cheerful or not).  I keep in touch with our Friends of Turtle Doves group on a weekly basis and they are always the first to hear about offers, new products, competitions, exciting news and more...to join our friends group click here.

So, this week we received our 4000th 'Like' on our Facebook page!  We've been keeping in touch with our friends on Facebook for several years now and it's been really exciting watching the community grow.  Facebook is a really good way of sharing news and I try hard to make sure I reply to any comments and questions we get as quickly as I can.

If you're not into Facebook then Twitter and Instagram are other ways to stay in touch.  We are nearing 4000 Twitter followers and although we have nowhere near that number of Instagram friends I am quietly pleased with the photograph collection I have amassed there...click here to browse our colourful mix of cashmere, nature and things I like...here are a some examples of pictures I've taken and shared... 

However you stay in touch with us it is truly appreciated.  Running a small business can be very busy but it can be a bit lonely too at times; often we're all working away on sewing machines and computers and a message from the outside world makes a big difference to a day.

Thanks for reading and don't be shy!

Kate and the TD Team xx


Saw these products and had to have some!! Rec my order and obviously packed with great care and love!!
Really appreciate what your doing – made in UK -
Keep going x

I am a real convert. I have the gloves and a neck warmer and love both so much I have bought for friends for Christmas.

All new to me! Found advert in Guardian review. Love the idea of recycling fab materials but have perhaps arrived a bit late for this winter as the first 3 neckwarmers I checked out were ‘out of stock’. I guess everybody likes purple!

I don’t do social media at all, which leaves me out on a limb.

You probably don’t do telephone sales? I always prefer to talk to a real person when I get down to the buying as they can sort out any questions. It can get a bit lonely staring at a screen, though that’s good for browsing.

Cheers anyway!

Oh my goodness, did someone say Velvet!!! – if I had to choose between Silk and Velvet that would be soooo hard as I love both fabrics – soft and warm – Ooo I feel a silk and Velvet headband moment looming!!! Ahhhhhh – can’t wait to see what the Turtle Doves team has in store for us. Happy sewing!! Xx

Really looking forward to hearing more about your new velvet line – I love velvet for the winter months !

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