February Blog & A Competition - WIN a FREE Scarf & Gloves!

This winter has been amazing for us despite the warm weather. We fulfilled more than a thousand orders in December alone, which given that most of us downed tools for the Christmas break was some going! Thank you so much for all your orders. Your interest in Turtle Doves and what we make is what keeps us in business and gets us excited about the future.

We took the studio keys and laptop away from Kate for a whole week over Christmas and gradually the mad staring eyes and twitching every time the phone rang were replaced by the Kate we know…glass in hand and feet up on the kitchen table.

Turtle Doves has grown every year since we started way back in 2009 and it looks like 2016 is going to be another big year so we are planning and experimenting like mad. Orders continue to come in in droves (Friday was the start of our late January sale) so somehow we have to find ways to run daily operations while we build stuff that will help us maintain good levels of service to yet more customers.

This Spring we’ll be launching a brand new website, move into new premises, buy more production equipment and introduce you our new Spring / Summer collection so busy times lay ahead! I’m not allowed to see the developing products until mid-February which is very frustrating…..

Talking of products, our new ‘Rainbow Scarves’, shown above, sold out within three hours of telling our Friends of Turtle Doves group about them. (If you're not a 'Friend' already you can sign up here and as well as getting early sale notifications and special product offers you'll get a 10% discount code too). We are busy making more, some in different colourways.

So, here's the competition: if you have an idea for a lovely colourway and a suitable name please drop us a line in the comments box below to enter the competition. Just 2 or 3 colours is enough but you can add more if you fancy. We'll choose our favourite entry on Friday 19th February 2016...the winner will have one of our new scarf designs made for them for FREE in their chosen colourway and we'll add in a matching pair of Turtle Doves gloves too! The judges' decision is final & we reserve the right to offer more than one prize should we fall in love with more than one entry!

Kate went to London this week for a photo-shoot with Good Housekeeping who are running an article in their May edition on women who created oak trees from a financial investment. In Kate’s case this was buying a few jumpers from charity shops here in Shrewsbury, to see if she could make gloves from them. With the support of family, friends and now lots of Friends of Turtle Doves all over the country that initial investment is taking us to very exciting places!

We hope you are all wrapped up against the cold in beautiful cashmere. February looks like it’s going to be a cold one!


I’m so pleased that the competition went well – loads of fab entries! :)

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