Graham's First Blog Ever

Hi! Graham here, I've been behind the scenes for years at Turtle Doves and am blogging for the first time ever....about Hygge

Pronounced ‘hoo-ga’, Hygge is a Danish word best translated into English as ‘cosiness of the soul’. Apparently even that translation doesn’t quite get to the real essence of hygge. You can experience it easier than you can define it. It’s a concept rather than a thing.

Sitting by the fire on a cold night under a duvet with candles flickering around a darkened room with a glass of wine in hand is hygge. Playing with fallen leaves in autumn with your dog or children is hygge. Watching a great movie with your mates is hygge.

They say a man is at his happiest when lying in bed in the morning. I agree, now that my days of chasing a ball are over. Stretching out under the duvet on a Sunday morning knowing that I’ve got a couple more guilt-free hours of dosing or reading the paper whilst our labradoodle lies on my feet: that’s hygge for me.

Apparently Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries in the world. They share long, cold winters, a liberal political outlook and a long-standing tradition of mixing friends with family, of lighting a fire in the grate and candles on the mantelpiece, of story-telling over bottles of beer and wine, of wrapping everyone in woolly jumpers and blankets while the storm blows outside the cabin.

Scandinavian restaurants, bars and cafes are increasingly popular in the UK, an escape from our hectic hurry-and-worry lifestyles. They serve warming stews and smoked fish and hams with homemade relishes followed by cheeses and cakes.

So I’m looking forward to the cold weather and longer nights. Walks with Tudor in the Shropshire hills as the leaves turn gold and bright yellow, wearing a Turtle Doves hat and scarf and returning to our home warmed by a roaring fire and the smell of one of Emily’s (14) experimental cakes and a pot of tea is my definition of hygge, and when I’m wrapped in a Turtle Doves’ beautiful cashmere throw I’ll be the very definition of a happy Brit. Who said ‘hygge’ wasn’t translatable?

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